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Help make the ‘Assault on Wayne Manor’ LEGO set a reality


So there’s this LEGO crowdsourcing site I just learned about this week called LEGO Cuusoo where:

1. Fans submit their own fantasy LEGO sets.
2. Other fans vote on them if they think they are cool.
3. LEGO actually reviews all the submissions that receive 10,000 votes and decide if they want to pursue it as an actual LEGOS set.
4. The person who came up with the idea, if it gets turned into a real LEGO set, gets a percentage of sales.

People submit all kinds of LEGO creations, from models of the Apple Store to Legend of Zelda sets (which unfortunately didn’t pass muster when reviewed by LEGO — you can see recent review results here). And of course, there are some comic-inspired projects, not the least of which is this very awesome Assault on Wayne Manor playset.

Created by DarthKy and Glenbricker, it’s got everything you’d need to imagine Bruce Wayne’s home life as both a playboy millionaire and a vigilante. Up top you’ll find Wayne Manor, which comes with mini-figures for Bruce and Alfred, while down below is the Batcave, where you might find Batgirl and Lucius Fox. There are even a few villains who help fulfill the “invasion” aspect in the set’s title, Ra’s al Ghul and Firefly. Red Hood also makes an appearance, but is he friend or foe? Heck, it’s your imagination … you decide! They’ve added a ton of bells, whistles and Easter eggs to make this thing truly awesome.

Check out more photos of the set below, as well as on the creators’ Flickr site.





via ComicsAlliance



That would be the best Batman set ever released! But how many pieces? And can you imagine the cost? It might cost close to what the Death Star is!! (Not that it matters. I’d buy it!!)

CUUSOO recently did a heavy revision of its rules. I believe one of the revisions is that they don’t want to take any more licensed products. Yes, they want to please fans, but they’re also in the business of making profit on what they sell. Lego molds get expensive, so they’re actively discouraging or cancelling projects which would call for Lego to make a whole bunch of new molds.

Hence, I doubt that CUUSOO will allow this project under the “no licensed themes” rule.

adam, you’re forgetting that LEGO already has the DC/Batman license. they would have no problem being able to make this set if they wanted.

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