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Is there an X-Man in the house?


A love for the X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned into a lifelong hobby for Jason Klein, a New York doctor who shares his home office with us today. Check out his collection, which includes several crochet pieces made by his wife, below.


Hello everyone! My name is Jason Klein and I’m from Long Island, New York. My wife, a teacher by trade and a crocheter on the side, and I share our home office. She runs her online business out of here and I fill it up with comic, pop culture, and baseball paraphernalia!

I’ve been reading comics since the late 1980s, starting with X-Men titles and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures from Archie (hey, child of the times, what can I say?). Over the years, my interests have expanded, became strange at times, but my love for the X-Men has always remained.


This is the entry to the office. I’m not a huge Cap fan, but it makes the room instantly recognizable by people who come to visit as The Comic Room. Plus, it covers up a big scratch in the paint on the door. Big bonus for someone who hates to paint.


Here’s the scene when you walk in. Hanging over the desk is a Joe Madureira Age of Apocalypse poster, which has hung on my wall since 1995 (nearly 20 years!). The wall facing the door includes a Dave Cockrum Colossus, gifted to me by my amazing former camp counselor, and art of the soon-to-be-Generation X from the Phalanx Covenant novelization.


Close up of the desk. I’ve put some more sentimental pieces and stuff that I really love here so when I’m sitting at the computer in the corner, I don’t feel so depressed. Some Disney creatures and Lady and the Tramp stuff sits here; my wife and I have been collecting Lady and the Tramp since we started dating back in high school. One of my favorite characters, Kitty Pryde, who appears a few times in the office, is represented a bunch here, including the only statue that I own. “Lockheed” sits on top of the X-Men lamp; he was a companion for my wife’s Kitty Pryde costume that she wore to a friend’s Avengers Vs. X-Men themed 30th birthday party.


Just to the right is the rest of the comic art — a color reference page from one of my favorite X-Men issues (Uncanny X-Men 325), a Gene Colan Dracula, Kitty Pryde by Ray Sumser, and my dog, Oreo, by Carol Lay.


The center of the room holds the bulk of my trades and toys. The toys are a bit X-Men/Marvel-centric. To the left of the bookcase are some autographed baseballs (for any fellow Mets fans out there, they are signed by Jose Reyes, Bud Harrelson, Darryl Strawberry, Cleon Jones, Lenny Dykstra, and Ed Kranepool).


Some Legos in the background and smaller figures up front. I don’t play Heroclix, but I ended up with a bunch from a cheap eBay lot. The group displayed here (including Thing, Kitty Pryde, Magneto, Ragman, Ambush Bug, and Songbird) are all Jewish or of Jewish heritage (just like me!).


My 4 year old son is WAY into Squinkies (we’ve got a huge bin in the other room), but the X-Men ones hang out in the office. He’ll sit in here and play with these guys all day — he thinks they’re special since they are in here. My 1 year old daughter just thinks they’re for throwing.


The X-Men figures down front are metal ones that I’ve had for a long time. My original TMNT figures were sold in the “Great Tag Sale of 2000″ (while I was away at college); I replaced the three that were my favorite — Space Usagi, Fugitoid, and Mondo Gecko. No idea why I loved those three the most.



The shelves below hold the trades. They’re divided up by publisher (for the most part). Some Summers clan love in front of the Marvel books and more old Mets figures from the late ’80s.


Generation X (go mid-90s X-Titles!) was happening right around when I really got into reading comics, so that team holds a special place in my heart.

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Age of Apocalypse gets a second display here, battling in front of another dystopian character re-imaging, Weapon Brown by Jason Yungbluth.


The final shelf is a mini-tribute to my favorite X-character, Cyclops. With some GL rings for good measure.


The bookshelf on the side holds a bunch more stuff. The top shelf has some superhero-themed children books, X-Men novels, and Kickstarter-backed project rewards. The middle shelf has got a mix of science-fiction novels, Scott Pilgrim, and comic/pop-culture books. The bottom shelf has some old baseball programs and, as the last ’90s mention, my old collection of comic cards in those 4 binders. The X-Men belt (“X-Belt”?) from the Kitty Pryde costume hangs off to the side and my custom Cyclops knit hat (made by my wife) is up top.


And finally, this is a view of the closet, which takes up the entire opposite wall. My single issues are in longboxes towards the right (and scattered in other places throughout the house), but this is mainly my wife’s territory for her business.

Thanks for checking out the pictures! It’s been a great 20-plus years of comics reading — here’s to 100 more!


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Great space!

That is a really creative way to display your Lantern rings. They practically look like Christmas lights!

I am extremely jealous.

that collection shows you are one true xfan. escpically love the art pieces and pillow on the chair

Nice collection. Kitty Pryde is one of my favorite characters too.


January 25, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I love the Cyclops shelf as he’s my favorite too! Great collection!

Generation X and Age of Apocalypse. Awesome seeing such a passionate fan for both of these mid 90’s properties.

I notice that he has no X-men omnibuses around. Anyway, very neat and good collection and display!

I love 90’s X-Men and I’m not ashamed to admit it even though other fans turn up noses at it! I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this action heavy stylistic art era of mutants.

i wonder what’s his opinion on what Cyclops is going through right now…

Is that an X series ThinkPad I see to go along with the X-Men theme?

love it, the GL city, play set is amazing.
like the layout.

Thanks for sharing! Fantastic space

Big thumbs up for that Gene Colan Dracula! One of my favorite artists ever. How’d you get that piece?
I love that you’ve given room for your kids to play in here. I too want my kids to have fun with this hobby — and not get worried about “the condition” of my toys and comics. Sometimes a tough balance!

Thanks for the kind words on my office, everyone! There have been some truly awe-inspiring rooms in the column and it’s been a real thrill to be featured!

@ Eric Lee – Ultimately, the rings came out how I wanted, but it took FOREVER to get them spaced how I wanted them (I’m a bit OCD). They’re strung up and knotted on a piece of elastic (stolen from my wife’s stash). Having them loose on the counter was turning into a “lost ring in the making”.

@ demoncat4 – That pillow has been with me since the ’90s too!

@ Paul Garcia – Yup, no Omnibuses (Omnibi?) here. Most of my X-books are individual issues and I just never felt the urge to shell out the cash for the same issues again. Granted, my issues are trapped behind crocheting embellishments… I’ve got a bunch of the black and white Essential X-Men trades hidden in a second row behind the other X-Men trades.

@ PietroMaximoff – I’ll always be Team Cyclops, no matter how much he was forced to be the pseudo-villain. I thought the conversation between Scott and Logan in the most recent issue of Wolverine and the X-Men (?) was really well done.

@ spin84 – Yup! Hospital issue!

@ John – The Colan piece was a pledge reward from Clifford Meth’s Kickstarter project – Comic Book Babylon. Got this and some great Dave Cockrum books. A big goal of the room, besides have it be a functional office, was to let my kids play with the toys (within reason – I’m still a bit of a ’90s prospector at my core. My 4 year old loves playing in here, which makes me very happy. Gotta pass along that X-Men love!

What is your wife’s business? :)

She makes custom crocheted hats, blankets, booties, etc. for infants through adult sizes. The business is called Cuddle Me Crochet and she can be found on Etsy at Check it out! Her #2 referral site from the past 2 days was from here – thanks for all the clicks!

Mondo Gecko! Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. And you’re not alone in the Fugitoid love… what a great figure.

Gorgeous collection. Does my heart good seeing so much unrestrained, unabashed 90s X-Men love (I’m a fan of the same era and those books, including Uncanny #325, are still my “go-to” issues) AND proud Team Cyclops-ness (Wolverine’s great and all, but he’s no Scott).

what did you use to mount that iron man mask to the wall? looks to be the same type mask as my power rangers ones I’ve been trying to figure out how to display

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