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Jackie Estrada launches Kickstarter to fund comics photo book

Comic Book People D1.inddIndustry mainstay Jackie Estrada, administrator of the Eisner Awards and co-publisher of Exhibit A Press, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a coffee-table book collecting photos of creators she took of comic creators and related figures in the 1970s and ’80s.

Titled simply Comic Book People: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s, the hardcover collects about 600 photos taken at comics and sci-fi conventions and other events, and includes shots of Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, C.C. Beck, Murphy Anderson, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Archie Goodwin, Moebius, Osamu Tezuka, Charles Schulz, Chuck Jones and many more.

“These are rare shots from the days before comics and conventions were big pop culture events,” Estrada explains on the Kickstarter page, “when the founding fathers of the artform were still among us and today’s top talents were just aspiring young pros trying to get noticed. If you were there, this is a great way to recall fond memories. If you weren’t, these photos are a candid and unfiltered picture of a simpler time, familiar but far away.”

Her goal is $18,000; to help get there, she’s offering incentives like postcards and a calendar featuring photos from the book, signed copies and a one-of-a-kind booklet containing photos selected by the backer.



A link would be helpful.

Is that a cover image? If so, she should probably get someone to redesign that because that is horrible.

Yeah, that cover looks like the kind of thing a schoolkid would put together.

Looks amateurish on every level.

The cover’s fine and the pics on the Kickstarter page are already pretty cool (like Jack Kirby just staring at ranting beardo Alan Moore).

Are you peoples’ lives so small that you not only still read the same super-hero comics that you’ve hated for 20 years, but you also feel the need to crap on a picture collection of great creators from the era of comics you enjoyed most?

I hardly ever read superhero comics, and I don’t find this book an attractive prospect, but if you want to sling ad hominems instead of considering that maybe this just isn’t a very appealing package to some of us, certainly not worth $18,000, carry on.

Also: not my generation of comics, so whatever.

I hardly ever read superhero comics

You’re on CBR. No one believes you.

Well, I don’t either. I read Robot Six because they have lots of articles about work by women cartoonists like Marjane Satrapi, Lucy Knisley, Faith Erin Hicks and more. They don’t do a lot of superhero comics last time I looked. I came here originally for the articles by Brigid Alverson, whom I met at Book Expo.

You can believe what you want.

If you want to buy the book go buy it, but I don’t see anything that appeals to me. It looks like the kind of stuff I’d enjoy reading on a blog, though.

Nevermind the hipster-than-thou crowd, the cover design looks right on for the target audience.

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