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Jason Pearson unveils ‘Teen Titans’ steampunk variant


On his Facebook page, Body Bags creator Jason Pearson has debuted his steampunk variant cover for February’s Teen Titans #28, one of 20 scattered across DC Comics titles that month. Other artists providing variants include Howard Chaykin, Tommy Lee Edwards, Dave Johnson, J.G. Jones and Klaus Janson.

Teen Titans #28, by Scott Lobdell, Tyler Kirkham and Art Thibert, arrives Feb. 26.

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Kind of a loose definition of steam punk.

Eh..not really liking it to be honest. For me I kind of like covers involving Steampunk to be more like old style portraits instead of actions shots. You can have all the bells and whistles of their costumes and gear but it leaves it up to the viewer to imgaine how they would look in action.

Man, steampunk just means sticking a bunch of sheet metal onto stuff now, doesn’t it?

Because, if it hewed closer to Victorian gaslight fantasy, the Scarlet Pimpernel came out around that time. And given that the Pimpernel was one Batman’s predecessors (and a pretty decent swashbuckling predecessor to Robin), you’d think that the costume design would be a more direct inspiration — i.e. sensible, swooping fabrics and not made of bits of metal. If concessions toward clockwork/steam engine inspired apparatus were to be made, I would’ve preferred it in one of the variety of bat gadgets.

Seriously, though, that costume design looks less like Robin and more like Hawkman.

(Superman is only slightly less ludicrous. He’d actually look a tons better just donning the Oscar Wilde accoutrements and ditching the steam engine faceplate. He’s Superman, not Iron Man.)

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