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Jeffrey Brown’s ‘Vader’ comics get special editions, maquettes


Chronicle Books has teamed with Gentle Giant Ltd. to bring to life Jeffrey Brown’s Darth Vader and Son and Darth Vader’s Little Princess as a pair of limited-edition maquettes based on the cartoonist’s work.

Released in 2012, the bestselling Darth Vader and Son reimagines the Dark Lord of the Sith as an involved father, raising a 4-year-old Luke Skywalker, while its 2013 follow-up Darth Vader’s Little Princess chronicles the trials of shepherding Leia as she grows a sweet ltitle girl to a rebellious teenager.

CBR TV @ SDCC: Jeffrey Brown on “Jedi Academy” & “Vader” Kids Comics

Available now for pre-order, each hand-numbered maquette comes with an exclusive edition of the respective book, a 16-page signature with some of Brown’s original concept sketches and a new-full color illustration by the cartoonist (printed on board and packaged in a vellum sleeve). The book cover and spine are printed with color foil stamps and spot gloss varnish.

Scheduled for summer release, the boxed sets are priced at $149.99 each, or $279.98 for the bundle pack.












I really love the work Brown did on these books. I’ve been reading the books to my daughter (now 2 and a half) since she was a baby and she can name nearly every character in the books. When I show her scenes from the movies, she runs over to her books and flips to the pages that feature the characters. So much fun.

Ha ha ha! Come! Walk this way! Take a look! We put the comic book’s name on everything!

Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the comic book is made!

Vader and Son: The Maquette
Vader’s Little Princess: The Maquette
Vader and Son: The T-Shirt
Vader’s Little Princess: The Coloring Book
Vader and Son: The Lunchbox
Vader’s Little Princess: the Breakfast Cereal
Vader and Son: The Flame Thrower!! The kids love this one!
Last but not least: Vader’s Little Princess: The Doll: Jeffrey Brown: “May The 4th Be With You!!!”


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