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LaBeouf takes another swipe at Clowes, proudly posts C&D letter

LaBeouf's purported storyboards for "Daniel Boring"

LaBeouf’s purported storyboards for “Daniel Boring”

After last week hiring a skywriter to pen an apology to Daniel Clowes, Shia LaBeouf appeared to bait the cartoonist Tuesday on Twitter with a photo of the “Storyboard for my next short ‘Daniel Boring,'” an obvious reference to both Clowes’ Eightball serial “David Boring” and the actor’s seemingly unending plagiarism controversy.

But while LaBeouf didn’t get a rise out of Clowes, he did receive a cease-and-desist letter from the cartoonist’s attorney — which the actor promptly posted on the social media platform.

After pointing out that the storyboard drawings are copied from “David Boring,” Clowes’ attorney Michael J. Kump notes that, “if the foregoing isn’t outrageous enough conduct by your client, Mr. LaBeouf in his tweet today plagiarized Mr. Clowes’ own description of ‘David Boring'” as “it’s like Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan’s Island.” (Also worth noting: The photos fanned out beneath the drawing are of actors Patton Oswalt and Seth Rogen, who recently mocked LaBeouf’s ongoing Twitter apologies.)

LaBeouf was confronted with charges of plagiarism in mid-December following the online release of his 2012 short film, an almost-direct — and completely unauthorized — adaptation of Clowes’ 2007 comic Justin M. Damiano. LaBeouf quickly issued an apology, but even significant portions of that were found to be lifted from other sources, leading to weeks of bizarre, and frequently plagiarized, tweets from the first-time director.

In the letter to LaBeouf’s lawyer Brian G. Wolf , Kump writes, “your client is clearly out of control.”

“He must stop his improper and outlandish conduct directed at Mr. Clows and his works, and your clients must take all necessary and appropriate steps to redress his wrongs,” Kump continues in the letter. “We have been waiting since December 27 to hear how Mr. LaBeouf intends to make right, but all that has happened is further wrongful acts, such as described above, and more foolishness such as Mr. LaBeouf’s New Year’s Day sky-writing frolic that exposed Mr. Clowes to further ridicule. Leave Mr. Clowes alone, and address and fix these problems immediately.”



If there’s one thing Shia LaBeouf knows, it’s who you gotta blow to get famous around here.

No other reasonable explanation for it.

I kinda hate this guy.

The first punch wasn’t funny, and now it’s just plain offensive. Sad to see that some people on his twitter react in a “oh you made Daniel Clowes famous what is he complaining about?” way, too.

He’s just venturing into asshole territory now.

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix faked a public melt-down for a mockumentary? I think that’s what LaBeouf is doing* now.

*) Plagiarizing

He’s not even original in his meltdown, he just plagarised Joaquin Phoenix and Charlie Sheen.

Seriously I can understand poking fund at someone famous, but this is just abuse of Daniel Clowes (who doesn’t appear to have done anything to offend and has just defended his intellectual property rights) pure and simple and should stop.

At some point its harrassment, and Shia may just be adding to whatever damages Clowes can recover in Court…

Lebouf is an infamous hot-head and unfortunately it appears his Transformers movie fame has gone to his head. If he doesn’t watch out his pseudo-fame will disappear and he’ll be the next forgotten once decent actor, like Mel Gibson.

By now, he is incredibly immature, in addition to being a massive douchebag. And it seems that he doesn’t actually want to get away with the plagiarizing.

Gotta be some kind of act. Nobody is this damn stupid.

Typical troll behavior, except it doesn’t work in the real world. You can only poke so many times until you get poked back. This kid thinks he’s being clever, but he’s playing with fire and he’s gonna (literally) pay in the end. Anyone with any taste already knows to avoid his work; anyone with any kind of integrity should start to do the same.

He’s just being a jerk. Mr. Clowes should sue for compensatory damages from the clearly abusive, bullying tactics of Ledoof.

Also, you really don’t want to get comedians against you . . . they’re actually funny and they’ve got talent. This can only get more ridiculous and not in his favor.

Now he’s just trying to prove his bizarre point. But why pester the man whose work he clearly enjoyed enough to steal from? If Shia really believes that everyone owns everything then he should take that to a wider forum instead of harassing Daniel Clowes specifically, who did nothing to him and, even in light of the blatant open-and-shut plagiarism, didn’t even seem particularly motivated to make a big lawsuit of it.

Sadly, yeah, people ARE that stupid. In this case, it’s probably not even stupidity. Labeouffy here thinks that he’s being clever when, in fact, he’s just being arrogant. I’m inclined to agree with DKostus. He’s taking it all one step too far and is now into harassment territory. Though he should not have plagiarize in the first place, he should’ve just apologized (as he did) when caught and simply left it at that. He’s just looking like an a-hole now, one who doesn’t apparently seem sincere or apologetic in the least.

LaBeouf is a Hole. GET IT?

what the hell is wrong with this guy? It’s almost as if Shia is pissed that Clowes took offense at having his work plagiarized and he’s messing with him as a form of payback

Will that douche bag ever SHUT-UP?!? He has to answer his pleas on court instead of bragging his so-called intellect.

I liked him a lot, what the heck is going on with Labeouf?

I don’t think I could show the same restraint as Clowes if I was unwilling pulled into Shia’s performance art / publicity stunt. One look at Shia’s followers comments would make my head explode. Here’s hoping Clowes inherits some Transformer bucks.

Brian from Canada

January 8, 2014 at 9:43 am

Leboeuf is an insider; his opponent a comic creator. Even those Hollywood people who know and respect the comic field recognize it as small and insignificant in its challenges against the big movie industry. Either insiders have probably told him how hard it is to get a case of plagiarism proven in court (and even then it will only be a small fine) or he’s done this deliberately to get noticed with the idea that the comic creator must really accept the notoriety is better than nothing.

The only problem is that he picked the wrong guy to copy from. Daniel Clowes got lawyers and they will defend his intellectual property to make sure he is respected. So long as Clowes remains classy, he’ll always have the upper hand.

All of this comes after the “Orphans” debacle earlier this year on Broadway. The guy has totally sabotaged his own career.

Clowes is highly regarded and a highly talented creator. I won’t have anything to do withLeBeouf. Ignoring him, and not supporting his work by protesting his reprehensible and unethical behavior, is the least I can do.

If Clowes puts out some kind of benefit book for funds, I’d glad support it.

Thank you Shia. Now let’s stop hearing from your over-acting self forever.

In Britain we have a name for people like Mr LaBeouf, ‘Git’.

F****ing clown of the year, that z-rated ”actor”.

Come on, LaBeouf. Grow a pair and try your “all art is should be free” schtick on Disney and WB instead of on an indy comic creator. Do something to really show that you don’t respect corporate ownership of art. Clowes isn’t part of a mega-corp, y’know? Which one of you is the one that actually participates in work with corporate IP again?

I am no fan of Labeouf. That said, how is it possible that nobody here realizes that he was MAKING FUN OF HIMSELF by posting this “storyboard”? He’s mocking himSELF.

It has to suck to be Dan Clowes right now.

You’re going along, minding your own business, making GREAT comics, then out of nowhere, some entitled little dickbag who’s best known for “acting” alongside a green screen and ruining Indiana Jones comes along, steals your work, then drags your name down in the mud with him, treating the whole thing like it’s a big joke. And now Clowes — someone who is well-known for valuing his privacy — has to deal with months of legal action and more Hollywood-style drama? All because some former child actor can’t come up with his own ideas but is desperate to stay relevant? What a nightmare…

Dear Shia — Dan Clowes has more talent in his pinky toe than you’ll have in your entire joke of a career. Die alone and screaming.

I used to like Shia Labeouf. I liked him playing a sidekick – thats where he shines. He somehow got ‘promoted’ to real actor along the way. I remember seeing in that Disney show ‘Even Stevens’ and thinking, “Boy, that Ren is cute… she’s gonna make it big”. Didn’t think much of her weird-looking little bro. Even ‘Beans’ was better actor. I mean, really, can ‘Transformers’ even be considered real movies? You don’t need to act very well when 98% of the script is giant robots and giant explosions. Unfortunately the world thought otherwise, and we are now stuck with another conceited duschbag. He even sports the mandatory duschbag goatee. We can only hope their is drug overdose in his near future.

Zod's Neckbrace

January 8, 2014 at 1:37 pm

Somewhere a relieved Kanye West is looking at Kim Kardashian as they surf the internet looking at this news and he’s giving a resounding WHEWWWW!!! FOCUS OFF OF ME!!! ;)

Mikal…no way. If he was mocking himself, he wouldn’t have posted the cease and desist order.

I don’t know if this guy just subscribes to the “any publicity is good publicity” school of thought or if he really thinks he’s being funny or what. I do know he’s being a complete ass.

I can’t be alone in wishing someone would just punch him in the face while filming it and then post the video, right? Immature or not, I’d enjoy watching that.


You state:

“I am no fan of Labeouf. That said, how is it possible that nobody here realizes that he was MAKING FUN OF HIMSELF by posting this “storyboard”? He’s mocking himSELF.”

I think that’s exactly right, or more specifically that’s what Labeouf was attempting, a not altogether unreasonable tact. Indeed, as a general proposition, making fun of yourself is a terrific strategy to deflect well-founded media criticism, e.g., Halle Berry showing up to accept her Razzie because she knew her acting in Catwoman was horrible.

In this case, however, Labeouf has misfired. Frankly, my guess is that Labeouf’s sense of humor is pretty lame, and that he doesn’t understand that his joke isn’t funny. What he should have done is apologize, acknowledge Clowes, and make fun of himself, e.g.., wear a hat that says “dolt,” all at once so that you don’t generate a drip-drip-drip circumstance. At this point, people are continuing to discuss his transgression because he continues to discuss it.

His publicist, to the extent he or she advised Laboeuf with respect to his latest missive, should be let go.

You know what’s going to happen?
After the legal trouble, La Beef will make a film, do moderately well and the industry press will be “fresh from his legal troubles, Shia shines in a standout performance”, it’ll be a foot note, a way of adding a bit of shine to a future performance – “yeah, I’ve had some troubles, but I’ve gotten past that and produced this amazing performance!”

We might even get a “I’ve learnt my lesson” and his publicist will make it look like he’s contrite and saintly for his ability to “turn himself around”.

LaDouche needs to bit the bullet, admit he stole another person’s property, comply with any penalties for doing such and stop living up to his nickname.


You’re famous for a movie where people wait through your scenes for the giant robots that should be the actual main characters to show up.

Optimus Prime, a nonexistent fictional robot cartoon character from a half hour toy commercial show from the 1980s is more of a star than you.


Well it is refreshing that Shia LaBeouf realizes what a non-talent he is, so he needs to spend his days attacking Daniel Clowes. It’s befitting of his character.

On the other hand, if Shia LaBeouf is actually trying to do a self deprecating apology, then it’s really showing off what an amazing no talent he is- because clearly no gets it and he keeps doubling down on it (probably because he still thinks it’s hilarious).

Maybe one day Shia LaBeouf will grow-up, and if that day happens, I will be very surprised indeed.

Zod's Neckbrace

January 8, 2014 at 4:30 pm

My dog’s $#!t has more talent than Shia.

“If he doesn’t watch out his pseudo-fame will disappear and he’ll be the next forgotten once decent actor, like Mel Gibson.”

When did the “Rebel Without a Clue” ever show any acting talent?

All ShIa’s doing is making Clowes’ court case for him.
And considering how Hollywood’s tightened-up copyright law, this’ll cost Shia big bucks…

James Wilkinson

January 8, 2014 at 6:15 pm

I love how appropriate the lawyers’ names are. Hollywood hotshot LaBeouf has Mr Wolf, while nerdy cartoonist Clowes has Mr Kump.

You know I wish I had the link handy to that time TMZ posted the video of LaBeouf getting his ass kicked outside of a bar. I am not a fan of violence but this guy just seems to be begging for it.

Didn’t he also get kicked out of a 24 hour Walgreens in Chicago and arrested? Spoiled brat.

Never was a fan of his “acting”

Shia LaPoof: total dick!

Hopefully this ends with Daniel Clowes receiving La Boof’s house and all his movie money in a court decision.

And then Clowes giving all the money to the HERO Initiative.

Though I wouldn’t fault him at all for keeping a million or so for damages.

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