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Man tries to steal comic from store where he applied for job

comics etcHere’s a pointer for job seekers, courtesy of Brisbane, Australia, retailer Comics Etc.: “Do not attempt to steal from a place where you have given your resume as it may include your name and personal details for the police.”

That’s unnecessary advice for most of us, but The Courier-Mail reports it came a too late for a 19-year-old who twice dropped off his resume to the store before, on Tuesday, allegedly swapping price tags in an attempt to get an $8 comic for 50 cents.

“And he did it right in front of me too — he turned his back a little bit, yeah, clear as day,” Comics Etc. manager James Jagic tells the newspaper. “When he came to the counter I said to him, ‘No you’re not buying that. I saw what you did.'”

When the man was informed he wouldn’t be allowed to buy anything from the store that day, and would be banned if he were caught again, Jagic says the situation got a little heated — with the manager raising his voice and cursing. That apparently didn’t sit well with the young man’s father, who called to complain about the treatment of his son.

“He had the audacity to tell me he was going to come into the store to talk to me about my behavior,” Jagic says. “It was unbelievable.”



How dare you not let someone steal from your store!

The 19-yr-old’s dad came to tell off the manager for cursing at his adult son?

… okay.

I don’t even … what is going on here?

So the asshole father had the nerve to get mad that the clerk got mad that the idiot son was stealing? Pathetic. Typical moron parent.


January 9, 2014 at 3:13 pm

^ or the son fabricated a story where he did nothing wrong and this mean old store clerk who won’t hire him was mean. This story is awesome

This is my local store, it’s such a great store, can’t believe someone would try to rip them off.

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