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Marvel unveils first look at color art from ‘Moon Knight’


If there are Marvel fans who aren’t following Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso on Twitter, they’re missing out on a lot of previews of upcoming comics in various states of production. For instance, on Wednesday he unveiled a first look at a colored page from the first issue of Moon Knight, by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire.

Launching in March, the series returns Marc Spector to the streets of New York City, and places the focus on the character’s horror roots.

“The book is filled with oddities,” Shalvey told Comic Book Resources last month. “It starts with a man in a white suit and mask with big moon on his forehead, remember. I will say this:  Moon Knight investigates the strange and dark corners of the Marvel Universe, and boy, there are weird things there.”

moon knight-colored



HATE IT !!! MoonKnight looks STUPID !!!

that looks incredible.

Jordie Bellaire truly is one of the best in the business.

I like it.

This looks interesting.

Jeff Brown, typing in caps doesn’t make your opinion more valid.

I was hoping the “outsider artist” trend was coming to an end.


I like it. Very dark and shadowy with the limited color palette. I loved the black and white preview pages even more, but this works.

MK stands out nicely.

I love the touch of leaving Moon Knight totally white. Really beautiful stuff.

Declan, I loved your Deadpool arc. You’re a total boss especially with Jordie coloring your stuff. Cant wait for Moon Knight.

“I was hoping the “outsider artist” trend was coming to an end.”

The fuck does that even mean?

The black&white version was better.

“The fuck does that even mean?”

It means he apparently wants everything to look like the DC House style

If he is not in his regular costume, forget this and I’m a big Moon Knight fan.

Ellis writing and getting moon knight back to his roots. If you aren’t even willing to give that a chance because he’s not wearing a cape on this page, I’d wager that you are NOT a real moon knight fan.

I think it looks amazing. They’ve shown a version of his old suit as well (including the cover solicited today). I’m guessing different moon knight costumes depending on which personality he’s showing?

It looks like someone gave Mr. A an ongoing series. Now that’s a look that stands out!

That suit looks awesome.

video related:

“getting moon Knight back to his roots”- by not even remotely understanding why the character has MPD? Because god forbid he actually read one of his lessers.

Looks a lot like Fell, which is obviously not a bad thing.

We’ll see if Ellis can get the correct number of identities. Which almost every writer has gotten wrong. Moon Knight has 4 separate personalities. Everyone always gets Spector, Grant, and Lockley but fail to realize that Moon Knight himself is a separate personality as well.

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