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Mimi Yoon reveals one of her next covers: ‘Adventure Time’


Artist Mimi Yoon, whose withdrawn Powerpuff Girls variant cover has been the subject of much discussion over the past several days, has revealed one of her next projects for: a cover for BOOM! Studios’ Adventure Time, also licensed by Cartoon Network.

As she pointed out in the comments on her Facebook page, it was painted last year for the miniseries Adventure Time: Candy Capers, which concluded in December, but the publisher now has decided to use it for the main series. Yoon also teased that another, as-yet-unrevealed cover she created will appear before this one.

Cartoon Network last week pulled Yoon’s variant cover for IDW Publshing’s The Powerpuff Girls #6, following criticism first raised by retailer Dennis Barger Jr. that the image “sexualized” the pre-teen characters.

Responding to a comment on Facebook about the possibility of the Adventure Time cover getting pulled, Yoon joked, “No, it won’t get pulled. […] And how old is Princess Bubblegum? 19 ? Actually over 800, I think.”

Note: This post has been edited to correct the name of the publisher of the Adventure Time comics.

yoon-adventure time

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Oh great now this one will be pulled also because someone is gonna look at it and think “oh look at the pimp, his enforcer, and ho on the cover. Do we really need to show this to kids?” ;)

Adventure Time is published by BOOM. Right?

“Adventure Time is published by BOOM. Right?”

Yes, thank you; my mistake. It’s been corrected.

“Yes, thank you; my mistake. It’s been corrected.”

Not on the front page — the link still says “IDW covers.”

Had me briefly very worried about on of my favorite comic franchises ;)

So she can only draw one face, huh?

Cool! I saw the same thing at another site and it made me start to wonder that things were changing with this comic

“So she can only draw one face, huh?”

She must feel right at home in mainstream comics, then!

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