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New Shaky Kane & Antoine Cosse books coming from Breakdown

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London-based small press publisher Breakdown Press hasn’t been around very long, but it already has an ambitious line-up planned for the new year.

Having already published books by such intriguing up-and-coming artists as Connor Willumsen and Richard Short, Breakdown’s 2014 line-up includes Mutiny Bay by Antoine Cosse, a 16th-century epic about two of Magellan’s men who end up marooned, and Good News Bible: The Deadline Strips of Shaky Kane, which collects all the work The Bulletproof Coffin artist did for the ’90 British comics magazine.

Below you can find some exclusive preview pages, as well as details from the publisher.

Mutiny Bay by Antoine Cossé – approx. 150 pages – available mid 2014

1519.  A Spanish fleet leaves Seville, heading west.  Portuguese Captain Magellan is convinced of the existence of a South American strait that will expedite trade with the Indonesian Spice Islands.  Months later, in a deserted and inhospitable land, mutiny brews, two men are marooned and the world explodes in a riot of hallucinatory colour.  Antoine Cossé’s largest work to date is a fascinating drama, examining one of history’s most intriguing mysteries.

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I’ve loved Shaky Kane’s work ever since being introduced to it in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. I’ll be picking this up for sure.

sign me up for the Shaky book. I’ve been pining for this for years now…

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