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Not that we needed reminding, but Marcos Martin is amazing


Following Sunday’s big announcement that Peter Parker will return in April in a relaunched Amazing Spider-Man series — well, it was spoiled earlier in the week by a leak — Marvel unveiled a Marcos Martin variant cover for the first issue that’s simply breathtaking.

Of course, the Eisner Award-winning artist is no stranger to Peter Parker, having drawn about a dozen issues of The Amazing Spider-Man between 2008 and 2011. See the full cover below.

Dan Slott, who’s collaborating with Humberto Ramos on the new series, spoke with CBR News this morning about The Amazing Spider-Man.

marcos martin-asm1



Very nice. Wonderful use of simple type and imagery. Less is definitely more in this case…

Good God that’s just wonderful

Another Spider-Man event, another strikingly designed Marcos Martin variant cover to look at on the internet. Not really sure it’s the best use of his time and talents, or the best way for Marvel to goose sales, but there it is….

I hope nobody buys a book with cover and expects the guts to match. Martin is amazing, but Ramos is among my least favorite mainstream artists.

Martin’s on a very short list of artists whose work I will buy no matter what.

Captain Haddock

January 13, 2014 at 6:49 pm

I want this as a poster. Love Ramos, big fan of his, but Martin is just on another planet than 99% of artists out there.

^^^ oops meant to say “reminds me a lot of Cassaday’s HOUSE OF M cover?”

What project is Martin doing now? I was disappointed when he was on Daredevil for only three issues.

Martin is currently dazzling people on his series with Brian K. Vaughan The Private Eye

looks like a Superman pose to me, not a Spidey one

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