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Quote of the Day | ‘I can’t find it in my heart to apologize’

teent titans1“I know it was a bit of heavy lifting for some of the longtime fans of the core characters on the book — and Newsarama fans haven’t been shy about voicing their complaints — but I can’t find it in my heart to apologize.

I was hired to write a series that started the team ‘on page one’ … no history, no preexisting relationships, for readers that were not familiar with the concept of Teen Titans. The new continuity being what it was, Bart could not have been Bart Allen from the future, Superboy could not have been a clone who spent the last few months living on the Kent Farm as Ma and Pa had died some 10 years ago, and on and on. … so while I wouldn’t expect anyone to agree with every choice I made or was handed, I will say I remain very proud of the book I’ve worked on for the last 30-odd issues.”

– writer Scott Lobdell‘s message to longtime Teen Titans fans as the DC Comics series heads toward its April cancellation



Sigh….. So much fail.

He got it right at the end, 30 odd issues.

he’s kinda right

How did you manage to take a great franchise and in three different books manage to take everything fun about it and just rape it then smash it to pieces then rape the individual pieces?

Yes thats what he did. Originally the Titans were a team according to Red Hood and the Outlaws, but then they weren’t. He wrecked a great franchise in under three years. He went from a great 90’s writer to a writer that hasn’t evolved at ALL.

That explains a number if changes, but it still doesn’t explain why Harvest sucked so much

i agree with him.

he was asked to write this comic within current New52 continuity. He did exactly that. Was it perfect? No. But he doesn’t need to defend himself or apologize for it.

He may not feel a need to defend himself or apologize but by the same token, his writing wasn’t any good where other writers thrived under identical conditions.

Good for him. He did the best he could with the cards he had dealt to him.

Apologize for writing Teen Titans? Why on earth would Lobdell — would anyone — do that? Anyone who wants an apology wouldn’t accept it, and everyone else knows that it’s just a comic book that some people liked more than others, same as every other comic out there.

He especially doesn’t need to defend himself or apologize to comic readers who still equate a writer writing stories that do no appeal to them with the act of rape.

It was definitely a terrible book, but I see that mandates were issued.

Aaaand we get 4 posts in before some knucklehead compares a comic book he doesn’t like to rape. GJ, guy; way to keep things totally in proportion.

I didn’t read Lobdell’s Teen Titans. I read a hell of a lot of his X-Men back in the 1990’s, learned my lesson, and have done my best not to read much of anything he’s written since.

That said, he’s got a point. He’s not the guy who took a wrecking ball to continuity, he’s just the guy they brought in to try and pick up the pieces. And whether you like his work or not (and I think I’ve been pretty clear which of those categories I fall into — and without even comparing his comics to a horrific act of violence!), the guy is dependable. The reason he gets so many books, and that he’s the guy they bring in when they need an unexpected fill-in or replacement, is that he can make a deadline like nobody else in the business. That, at least, I can respect.

He did what Jim Lee and Dan Didio wanted him to do. He was hired to do a job. As an early fan of the New 52, I liked Teen Titans but as time went on, I realized that it just wasn’t my DC universe and I dropped it all. Scott Lobdell isn’t the reason that the Wolfman/Perez era was put away by DC, that was the company’s decision.

No need to apologize for the crappy comics. We’ve come to expect that from DC.

I can’t wait for DiDio, Lee, Harras, and Johns all leaving. And they can take Scott Lobdell with them.

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