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Quote of the Day | ‘Let’s steer into the curve’

bitch planet“No one gets to have their cake and eat it too. So I don’t get to talk about the problems with the lack of diversity in both the books we put out and the creators behind them, I don’t get to speak up about that and then not have my gender brought up as an issue as well. … People will often apologize when they ask me about feminist issues in the industry, and it’s tough. I don’t want them to apologize. These are things that need to be discussed. … My husband’s [comics writer Matt Fraction] gender never comes up in an interview. I think it’s a thing that, if we want it to get better, we have to talk about it. It’s on the table whether we like it or not, so let’s go ahead and – if it’s there, let’s sit down and feast.

I’ve been accused of putting forth sort of an agenda in Captain Marvel, which I actually don’t think I’m doing at all. I think I’ve been very true to what the character was created for, the roots of the character that I had nothing to do with. I was 7 years old when that character’s first book came out under Ms. Marvel. I’ve been accused of putting forth an agenda and so on and so forth. There’s a certain part of me that’s just like, ‘If I’m going to take the heat for it, well … let’s do it then. Let’s steer into the curve.’”

– writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, discussing Bitch Planet, Captain Marvel and feminism



Can’t wait to read a bunch of comments from men about how feminism is fine as long as it’s not shoved in their faces! Yay!

Ya know, feminism is fine as long as it isn’t shoved in your face.

People routinely bitch about the “lack of diversity” in comics until someone addresses the problem. No one will ever be satisfied, end o’ story.. Good luck, DeConnick, I like your stuff whether it features men, women, or both.

Agenda is what made some of the best Ms. Marvel stories. So I’m all for it if that’s the case!
People tend to forget, feminism is about gender equality. It’s about fighting the gender stereotypes that hinder all walks of life so that they can be treated as equals to what they bring to the table and not for as less than that for any other superficial reason. So we can all be free to speak without the hindrance or belittlement because of superficial reasons or false concepts of masculinity or femininity. Why is that ever a bad thing?

A man’s natural state isn’t that of a rapist. That’s a monster.
A woman’s natural state isn’t that of an object. She’s a person with her own dreams and rights to pursue them. To live and wear what she pleases.
It’s time people stopped being jackasses to each other, then turning around and saying “that’s how the world is.” The world is that way because we accept it and let it be. Time to not so it can change.

It’s time to stop the excuses and rationalizing and start doing what’s just, fair, and right. That means equality for all walks of life so long as they do not endanger or harm others.

That’s pretty messed up; and I can see where KSD is coming from on such topics. People complain about diversity; she’s hired and she writes something that’s new; and then they blame her for being biased. Yeah, that’s messed up.

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