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Quote of the Day | Peter Gross on Shia LaBeouf and copyright

unwritten-apocalypse1“I think it’s very interesting that you bring up Shia because I just brought him up to Mike [Carey] the other day. I was proposing that we introduce a character based on him, because he does crystallize a lot of what we talk about. We’ve had a lot of discussion about whether copyright is a good thing or a horrible thing. What would happen if Superman was copyright-free? And people could add onto his story? Maybe we would end up with incredibly powerful stories that add a whole dimension of life to our existence because they would be able to build in a way that they can’t build otherwise. I don’t know. On the other hand, I want to get paid for what I do. […] I think we should write to Shia and his people for permission to use him and his likeness in our story. If they said ‘No,’ it would bring up a lot of interesting issues. Wouldn’t it?”

The Unwritten co-creator Peter Gross, commenting on Shia LaBeouf, the public domain and storytelling, in an interview with Comic Book Resources




It always befuddles me when people look at corporate abuse of copyright laws, and blame the concept of copyright itself.

@Michael: Right, as if the only two options are Eternal Copyright and No Copyright at All.

It would be entirely possible for Gross’s work to be copyrighted and Superman to be public domain. In fact, if the law hadn’t been revised in 1994, that’s exactly how things would be right now.

I gotta figure Gross knows that, given how heavily Unwritten relies on public domain works.

Then again, so does the Disney catalog, and that hasn’t stopped Disney from being the biggest enemy the public domain has ever seen.

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