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Read Glass & Santos’ ‘Furious’ prequel from ‘Dark Horse Presents’



Later this month Dark Horse will debut Furious, a new comic by Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos that’s “where celebrity, fame, and superheroes meet,” according to the publisher’s website.

“Staring into a fractured mirror of her life, the world’s first superhero, Furious, seeks to atone for her past sins by doling out rage-fueled justice!” the description states. “But the spotlight of our celebrity-obsessed media threatens to undo her noblest efforts and expose her true identity before she can achieve redemption.”

But that first issue won’t be her first appearance: She actually debuted in December in Dark Horse Presents #31. Courtesy of Dark Horse, we’re proud to present that eight-page story. Check it out below, then watch for Tim O’Shea’s interview with the creators later today.

DHP2 #31 Furious PG 01

furious spread



DHP2 #31 Furious PG 04

DHP2 #31 Furious PG 05

DHP2 #31 Furious PG 06

DHP2 #31 Furious PG 07

DHP2 #31 Furious PG 08


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