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Reminder: Rafael Grampá is a rock star


Although I know I’m not the only one anxiously awaiting any word about Furry Water, I can certainly understand why Rafael Grampá isn’t hunched over a drawing board, banging out comics pages 10 hours a day: He’s kept busy by other, certainly more glamorous projects.

There’s that Nike commercial, and that deal with Absolut vodka that’s seen Grampá star in a television and print campaign, and design a limited-edition bottle. Now, as part of that same arrangement, he’s featured in a new TV spot and print ad for Next Frame (below), a project sponsored by Absolut in which people can help Grampá to create a 3D-animated short film, which will premiere March 14 in Berlin.

Beginning Feb. 3 on Absolut’s Facebook page, Grampá will update the film daily, based on suggestions from others. He’ll share his progress from his studio throughout the process.

grampa ad



In the Absolute ad, Rafael Grampá looks like the international edition of Dean Haspiel. ;)

What a shit hun ? que merda ein ?

He’s a genius, handsome and now everybody wants to be like Rafael Grampá. And his haters are totally jealous, a haha!

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