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Schiti shares more ‘Mighty Avengers’ sketches


During ROBOT 6’s Fifth Anniversary celebration, Mighty Avengers #6 artist Valerio Schiti kindly shared a sneak peak of his upcoming work, which hits stands on Feb. 5. We also posted more of his sketches on our Tumblr page.

Those sketches (as well as the art pages from the initial post) resonated with readers so strongly that Schiti was more than pleased to share additional sketches of Blue Marvel, Falcon (including a variant “classic” costume sketch) and Luke Cage that he had prepared.

Blue Marvel (1)


Falcon (1)

While Schiti shared this, he noted that this was an unused variant of Falcon’s “classic” costume




Cage (1)



It aint Greg Land (Thank God!).

If Schiti wants to stick around, I wouldn’t complain. . .


January 25, 2014 at 10:15 am

Is it me or is this group predominantly black? Affirmative Action is still alive and kicking.

I think this book is about “superheroes of color” the way the new X-Men book is about “women superheroes” – it’s more of a happenstance than a plan. Meaning it’s less of a case of “we HAVE to create a book that is X or Y” and “hey, it looks like we have the characters to create a book that, coincidentally, IS X or Y.” That is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite, really.

And yeah, Valerio Schiti’s artwork looks SWEET!

I much prefer this art than Land’s overly photo realistic look.


January 25, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Yes, Affirmative Action is alive and kicking, especially now that it’s profitable. Problem?

@OprahManipulatesAmerica I know it’s such a crime! God, how will white superheroes get visibility these days?!?!!? Oh, wait…

Marvel have admitted in all the press before the comic was launched this was a team that had more ethnic and gender balance to it and that it was deliberate.

were you away in Svartalfheim or just living under a rock?

Nothing could be as Schiti as Greg Land.

Greg Land on Mighty Avengers has not his usual photo realistic style and is actually very good, the right style for the right book. People shouldn’t talk just out of stereotypes.

I’m glad I stuck with this book through Land’s art. I’ll bother to read them after one or two of Schiti’s issues to have something to look forward to. Bad artists has always been how Marvel sabotaged blach heroes’ books.

he taking over new avengers starting in may at least for a few issues as his next assignment

I think I’m going to give this a try again. Greg Land’s art really hindered my enjoyment, but I really like the team.

Leandro M. Duarte

January 25, 2014 at 2:06 pm

This might sound shocking, but Greg Land’s work on Mighty Avengers has actually been very good. This preview of Schiti’s art looks amazing too.

Affirmative action or not, I am not in doubt of the competence of any one of these characters for a second.

So, no problems here. This is indeed an Avengers team.

Hopefully these sketches will be included as variant covers as the series goes on.

For the past several years…NO ONE at Marvel has yet grasp a good look for Luke Cage!!!….He is always made to look like a HIP HOP artist as oppose to a grown man with a child.. which his character happens to be… His costume when he was featured in the Thunderbolts was pretty good, but I see they decided to go back to this silly look.. Whats with the loop chain on the belt, the unlaced shoes, baggy pants, an earring for a man with steel hard skin, and are those rings on his fingers….Come on!!!. It seems Marvel can’t seem to find an artist who can remove the same myopic vision of this most iconic character who deserves better…

Here Luke Cage looks like what white people think all black people (especially rappers) look like.

Never thought I would say this but Land has been working well on this book. And I’m enjoying it. Hope it sticks around for a while!

I honestly don’t care who they have drawing Mighty Avengers, as long as Ewing is sticking around as the writer. So far, he has impressed me with his balance of wit, action, dialogue and team dynamics. This comic has all the charm of the early West Coast Avengers books and that is a very good thing.

Checking out the lineup above, I did notice there is no Ronin/Spider-Hero/Whoever included. Hmmmm……

Yeah Cage needs a costume, bad. He looks underwhelming. Who’s the Vine looking guy next to (yawn) Blue Marvel. ZZZZZZzzzzzz aghr…fell asleep typing Blue Marv..Zzzzzzzzzzzz

VIBE not Vine.

The ethnicity of the team, while blatant, does make sense. If you saw two teams and one most resembled your personal sensibilities or how you view yourself you would want to be a member of said team as opposed to one you may feel less included in. If anything, Marvel could have done a better job of owning the reality of the team and not just saying “it kind of happened”, that cheapens it. At least Marvel used established diverse characters and didn’t kill off or retroactively change the gender/race of the character moniker to be “trendy”.
While I am all for diversity, the way Marvel and DC are doing this in their multimedia pursuits is really grating as a long time reader. Nothing is world shattering about the changes per say, but in something like the Fantastic Four movie and the plan with Johnny Storm, it does change the character, including the whole history and backstory considering the big part of his history with his sister.They would be better served to make this Torch a whole new identity or also change Sue’s race to compliment the change. I understand family does not always come from biology, but there should be respect for a long time fan or creator of the character as well as respecting possible new readers whom may see the movie and find the comic having no resemblense to the character that brought them to the store/digital edition to begin with.

January 25, 2014 at 10:15 am

Is it me or is this group predominantly black? Affirmative Action is still alive and kicking.”

Because anytime you have a group where the majority is black, there must have been a mandate placed to necessitate more blackness, right?

Aside from the fact that out of the blacks involved, the major it of them have been Avengers already anyway, and Power Man having strong ties to Cage warrants his inclusion. It’s not like a bunch of random blacks were thrown together and labeled Avengers.

But to answer your question, yes, it is you. And this group is predominately black, too.

“J Mal
January 25, 2014 at 7:34 pm

The ethnicity of the team, while blatant, does make sense. If you saw two teams and one most resembled your personal sensibilities or how you view yourself you would want to be a member of said team as opposed to one you may feel less included in. If anything, Marvel could have done a better job of owning the reality of the team and not just saying “it kind of happened”, that cheapens it.”

Is it possible that it did “kind of happen” though? Is there anything that exists that says otherwise?

Given that any team is a combination of 1) the writer’s personal choices 2) the editor’s choices 3) which characters are available and 4) which characters are off limits, I’m sure it was realized at some point that this team was predominately black, but there’s not enough evidence that Marvel has to “own the reality” of this team like it was purposefully made as a mostly non-white team. Could it be that Marvel is telling the truth?

And I’m not saying you’re wrong at all, you could be absolutely right, but there’s no certainty in the claim being made that there is something for Marvel to own.

Someone please design a cool costume for Luke Cage…no chains, no baggy pants, not tee shirts, no…you get the idea. Make it classy.

I hope that at least some one joins this team that dosnt get along with everybody cause without the conflict ya got no drama and with spidey once again reverting back to old friendly boring predictable petey …well i really hope sombody is a jerk on the team just to keep it interesting-for me anyways!

Why is Luke Cage dressed like a teenager…in 1994?

@OprahManipulatesAmerica Really man you are going to go there? This might be as productive as talking to a wall but what about the millions of comics with all white characters? Like oh for example the last Mighty Avengers series? whats that then? If you read a comic with a black person in it the comic will not have adverse affect on you. Grow up already and let that small minded thinking go.

Oh, why can’t we have Schiti as the main artist on this book? Such beautiful art.

I’m all for a diversity-centric team, but I wish they actually meant it. If they really wanted to be diverse, why isn’t there a single Asian character on the team? Come on, I’d love to see somebody use Amadeus Cho again.

Honestly, though, I don’t care about the races of the characters–it’s just that the hypocrisy of their claims to be diverse bothers me a little. Only a little, though. This is the single best Avengers book on the stands, and it reminds me of the old-school Avengers runs that made me fall in love with the franchise. If it doesn’t get cancelled out of the gate like so many other books, it could wind up being the my favorite Avengers run since the Harras/Epting era 20 years ago.

Imraith Nimphais

January 26, 2014 at 8:52 am

As an avowed ‘Tracer-hater” even I have to admit that Land’s work on MA so far has not been utterly vomitous…that said, I lovelovelove those sketchdes and would greatly prefer if Schiti would stay on the book for a very long time, perhaps alternating with Land? Unfortunately, Schiti will be here for only a couple of issues.

Gotta love the liberal media (and yes that includes both DC and Marvel) they design an entire black team which I think is a great idea and probably more realistic, then to go out of their way not to do stereotypes they go ahead and write stereotypes. I mean just this latest issue that came out they introduce Spectrum in one panel and write “SPECTRUM! if your nasty”, I mean seriously?

And the Luke Cage looking like every Hollywood idea of what a bad ass black dude looks like is just a riot.

This is good, but why does Luke Cage look like a twenty-something rapper? I liked his more put together, more professional look. Of course, in the last issue Luke ripped off his shirt to take on Superior Spider-Man, so he can still get his hands dirty. I just thought that Luke had grown up a little. This drawing, while good, does not really match up with that image. And I know a lot of folks are down on Greg Land … I’ve always liked him. My problem is that Monica Rambeau looked white … not at all like previous versions of her. Seems there’s not much of a change with Schiti. Did I miss something?

Land’s art on this book has been fine and I do hope he comes back to it. My one complaint is his depiction of Monica, who doesn’t particularly look like an African American woman.

I agree – Schiti’s depiciton of Cage here is way off. Land’s Cage looks much better – a powerful, older man in a casual dress style. It’s a lot more fitting than what is drawn here.

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