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SelfMadeHero to publish Rob Davis’ ‘The Motherless Oven’


One of the real thrills of the U.K.’s graphic novel renaissance of recent years has been the reemergence of Rob Davis as a major talent. Both his short works for various sources (like “My Family And Other Gypsies” and “How I Built My Father”) and the longer-form Nelson, the format-busting anthology he co-steered to the prize for Best Book at the first British Comics Awards in 2012, reveal an artist whose greatest theme might be familial dysfunction. Davis’ next work will be The Motherless Oven, which looks like it’ll also be mining that rich seam of material. It’ll be released by SelfMadeHero, the U.K. imprint that published Davis’s impressive adaptation of Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Here’s how editor Dan Lockwood describes the book:

Scarper Lee lives in a different world: a world where children build their parents, where everyone knows their deathday, where knives rain from the sky and gods croon tunes in the front room. Against the mundanity of this startling backdrop, Rob Davis (The Complete Don Quixote) maps out a compelling teenage journey, as Scarper Lee finds himself forced out of his routines, striking out into the unknown, where friends can be enemies and nothing is quite as it seems. A fiercely original and disturbing take on the coming of age story, The Motherless Oven introduces us to Scarper Lee’s world: a world not so different from our own.

Davis has delivered a wealth of preview art from the book, which has sent me from intrigued to actively frothing in anticipation. Some amazing-looking imagery.

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This us what the big 2 should be getting on with. Not time travel and bringing back 60s era xmen.

SelfMadeHero for publisher of the decade! They bring us some of the most original books on the stands. Nao of Brown, The Park, Aama, Pachyderme, Rembrandt, When David Lost His Voice… all winners!

@ X: The Big 2 should keep on doing what they’re doing. Let the creators do what they want to do at all the other publishers. And let us readers go read what we enjoy the most regardless of which publisher released those books.

This does look really cool. I wasn’t familiar with Davis, but this reminds me of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, which is a very positive association in my book.

Any new work by Rob is always very, very welcome. Finally got to meet him at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in the summer, doing a double header event with Martin Rowson, nice bloke to talk to in person and bloody brilliant comics creator. This is right on the Reading Radar, be watching for this

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