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Stand up and salute this Captain America collection


After buying his first Captain America figure, Chris Raimo was hooked — and today the illustrator shares his love of Captain America with us.

“This is what I have dubbed ‘The Cap Museum,’ which resides in my home office,” he said. “I have collected anything and everything Captain America since my first 90’s ToyBiz 10″ Cap figure. Since then I have tried to get anything I can with the Super Soldier on it, from socks to jack in the boxes to toothbrushes. My favorite thing to collect by far is action figures, and my favorite item is The First Avenger figure from Hot Toys. I’m still actively collecting and hoping to one day attain a Mego Captain America in package.”

Check out his pictures after the jump, and if you’re interested in submitting your images you can find details on how to do that at the bottom of the post.












If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

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Probably puts Agent Coulson’s collection to shame

Nice to see that a Winter Soldier and a Nick Fury managed to sneak in there.

Nice collection! Love that Mego!

Sweet collection. I am sure you are pumped for the new movie coming out in a few months.

Sensational stuff! Gorgeous arrangement and placement of pieces, too. You’ve a real eye for display.

“When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield, all those who oppose his shield must yield”. Cool older model in the background.

Thanks guys! And yes cannot wait for Cap 2

Awesome collection

You sure thats not coulsons house?

I don’t see a Captain America onesie hung up. I refuse to believe that someone who has this many items dedicated to one character, doesn’t have something Captain America related to sleep in. All kidding aside this collection is intense.

Very impressive. It puts my wall to shame.

Great room. And excellent choice of character!

I personally think your collection would look better if most of those figures were out of their packages. Gives you more space to add stuff and looks less cluttered. Thank you very much for sharing your collection with us.


Great collection! A lot of older stuff, too! Nice to see you are a true fan and not a late comer to the Cap party just because of the movies.

Do you happen to own either of the cheesy television movies of Cap? Or the serial from the 40s? The serial is way better than the telefilms.

Again – nice collection!

Excellent collection……….thank you for sharing it with us……….

talk about a true cap fan and collector espically love that shield hanging on the wall and the cap couch cover. not to mention you must have every captain america figure made .

Great collection !!! FYI there is a french version of your rubrique, it’s called l’étagère de la semaine, whom is inspired from Shelf Porn. thought you might like it ! ;) here’s the link

@Tom Hunter

Indeed I do own both of the television movies on VHS! I don’t have the serials yet, but I have seen them floating around on DVD.

And yes I have been a Cap fanatic for years and years! The plus side to the movie boom is more products!!

Thanks for all you comments!

That is a wonderful collection, and that shield is a nice “capstone” to the display.


I actually painted that shield myself for Halloween 2 years ago, and it turned about to be a great centerpiece!

Great collection. It’s nice to see a great displayed collection of Cap like this. I’ll try an post some pics of mine to.

I know this one’s a year old, but with Cap being my favorite character, too, I’ve GOT to give this sweet setup some kudos. GREAT stuff, bud!

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