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Ted Kord to return to DC Universe in ‘Forever Evil’ #7

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Hot on the heels of Monday’s news that Wally West is poised to make his long-requested New 52 debut comes word that Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, will return to the DC Universe in April.

Ted Kord returns to the DCU in Forever Evil #7, and plays a role in Justice League post-Forever Evil,” writer Geoff Johns teased Newsarama in an interview tied to this morning’s announcement that Lex Luthor will join the team in the aftermath of the crossover.

Created by Steve Ditko in 1966 for Charlton Comics, the character was originally introduced into the DC Universe in 1986, in Blue Beetle #1, following the publisher’s purchase of the Charlton superheroes. Although his solo title lasted just 24 issues, he became a favorite through his pairing with Booster Gold in Justice League International.

Kord was killed off in the 2005 one-shot Countdown to Infinite Crisis, much to the dismay of fans, only for his corpse to be reanimated during the 2009-2010 crossover “Blackest Night.” Although the second Blue Beetle has until now been absent from the New 52, he was previously announced to appear alongside other Charlton characters like The Question and Captain Atom in Grant Morrison’s long-discussed, and rather delayed, Pax Americana.

Forever Evil #7, by Johns, David Finch and Richard Friend, arrives April 2.



Is it really worth lviing inn a world where Ted Kord is alive but Geoff Johns is writing him?

I think the survivors would envy the dead.

This might be my first DC comic purchase since the new 52 started.

What about Jaime Reyes???

I thought he was already mentioned in passing as dead?

like continuity has a place in the nu52! LOL

Indeed! What about the excellent and too-soon-cancelled Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes.

I’d be really disappointed if Jaime Reyes is stripped of the Blue Beetle mantle, is killed off, ignored, etc, because he’s an awesome character. Ted Kord was great but Jaime was a complete (and awesome) reimagining of the character that DC should be exploiting more.

Honestly…Jamie has had his chance…he’s had two failed series……Ted has been around since 1966….and has been dead since’s his time to shine again!!!

I’d be somewhat excited if the New 52 Blue Beetle was going to have a passing resemblance to the Steve Ditko one, or the JLI version but based on their track record this isn’t going to happen. So why bother? No big deal – there’s always the pre New 52books to read.

So if we’re going by bringing back the older character on the basis of longevity, let’s just pull out all the stops and bring back Dan Garret.

Oh yeah, if there’s one writer I trust with Ted Freaking Kord, it’s Geoff Freaking Johns.

They even have the same middle name!

I’ve got a GREAT, BIG, GIANT… meh for this.

“…the character was originally introduced into the DC Universe in 1986, in Blue Beetle #1…”

He was actually introduced in Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 in the fall of 1984.

Dang it… Now I’m going to have to pick up a New52 book. I managed to get myself to only 2: GLC and Earth 2. Dump the rest because the New52 SUCKS.

“I’d be really disappointed if Jaime Reyes is stripped of the Blue Beetle mantle….”

‘Cause, we all know, Jaime didn’t do that to Ted at all. ;)

That was pretty much how they described or teased his appearance in “Countdown”, that he’d be playing a role…

I still don’t understand why they would bring back a character that they hated so much, they didn’t just kill him off but wrote an 80 page treatise on how badly he sucked before killing him off as a complete and total failure and loser.

Just need to find Booster Gold and they can fix the universe.

@batGRRRl4ever – given Ted was DEAD at the time, Jaime didn’t strip him of his title. That wouldn’t be the case here, where Jaime has just been discarded because his garbage series – as opposed to calling back in the people who made his old series work – failed.

Finally. That said and considering the new DCU, I’m not sure that’s good for Ted. :)

“I still don’t understand why they would bring back a character that they hated so much, they didn’t just kill him off but wrote an 80 page treatise on how badly he sucked before killing him off as a complete and total failure and loser.”

Wow, were you trying to be completely wrong? Because you succeeded. Congratulations. Countdown was a reflection of the more serious DCU (and how it was getting even more serious) and how despite being disregarded as a bit of a joke and a loser by his peers (a consequence of his JLI years) Ted was still a kickass hero with noteworthy fighting skills and intelligence which he used to do what his far more famous, powerful and much better regarded fellow Leaguers couldn’t: he connected the dots and found the mastermind behind a lot of evil crap going on at the time. The final death scene, on top of the ill-treatment by his friends and fellow heroes, left a bitter taste in my mouth (just like it was supposed to) but, as a whole, it was a great death story. And like with all such stories, it made me wonder why he couldn’t be written like that in a miniseries or even an ongoing.

I love Jamie! I have a bust on my shelf. Seems to me they could both work together.

There’s no reason that Ted and Jaime can’t both be in play in the New52. They have VERY different power sets and looks. They could even keep the same name (it’s certainly been done before…), or they could tweak one or the other. Seriously, there is no reason there can only be ONE of them. (Although if Ted never died, I’m curious as to what Jaime’s origin is now. This is why the semi-reboot was such a terrible idea.)

I welcome back Ted. I don’t think he’d be a great fit with the current Justice League line-up, nor the one shown with Luthor and Cold. But certainly there is a place for that character in the DCU. With or without Booster. (They don’t HAVE to be a set.)

My only crabby comment: “Forever Evil” has gone on entirely too long. This should have been a bi-weekly series. There is little to no dramatic tension — we KNOW the Justice League will be fine, and that the Syndicate will be defeated — and by the time it ends FOUR MONTHS FROM NOW it will have gone on nearly a year, especially if you include the “Trinity War” that existed solely to bring this event to fruition. It’s definitely been selling well, but it feels like it will never end.

I haven’t been paying much attention, have they revealed who the person is that the Crime Syndicate is keeping alive from their Earth? Could that be the Ted Kord of the Nu52 that instead of being killed, was presumed dead but was somehow transported to Earth-3?

There’s been at least one reference to Kord Industries on Arrow. I wonder if there’s a guest appearance planned sometime soon.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad it got in to DC’s skulls to give Ted another shot. Lord knows we’ve been waiting. Some of us were only going to wait another year at max. Well, now the possibilities are infinite. Let’s hope he can make the best of this new crisis.

Maybe they can change Jamie’s name to Scarab and let Ted Kord remain as the Blue Beetle.

Really glad to see Ted Kord return. He should team up with a Charlton Captain Atom, The Question, and Nightshade.
With PAM’s THUNDERBOLT, ….JUDO-MASTER, and others in the wings.

Like PEACEMAKER…and Tiger ….enter stage right.

Jason M. Bryant

January 18, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Zach, I saw it as an 80 page treatise on why Ted Kord is under appreciated.

Whatever happened to surprises???

January 18, 2014 at 4:52 pm

It seems like DC and Marvel just can’t keep it in their pants anymore. “HEY! Let’s not wait a few months to reveal something, like, WHO LIKES WAITING!?!”. Are they really that unsure of their characters/stories that they have to reveal months in advance what should be kept as a surprise? If these kinds of reveals are to capitalize on the speculators, I would think some of the hype is lost by the time the issue rolls around. I guess this is just what the industry is evolving into nowadays.

I’ve been waiting for Ted Kord to return as the Blue Beetle since his “death”. Now if this is the real guy, he’ll be stuck in this New 52 disaster universe. Captain Atom has already been poorly handled and I fear the same
will happen to Ted. I haven’t bought any title by DC comic for over a year, but I’m tempted to pick up the issue of his return to see what transpires.

I love the “Charlton Seven” since they first came to DC in Crisis of Infinite Earths. Here’s hoping that Ted Kord becomes the Blue Beetle Steve Ditko made him out to be.

Ted is the THIRD Blue Beetle.
The first was policeman Dan Garet who took a formula to give himself super-strength, speed, flight, and several other powers over the years. He also wore a bullet-proof chainmail costume. He appeared in Fox Comics titles in the 1940s and several issues of both reprints and new material at Charlton in the 1950s.

The second was Dan Garrett, an archeologist who found a blue scarab in an Egyptian tomb. The scarab gave him superpowers. His costume was different from the first Beetle’s (goggles and no chainmail), and if he lost possession of the scarb, he lost his superpowers. He appeared in his own title from Charlton in the early 1960s.

Garrett died when the third Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, debuted as a backup strip in Charlton’s Captain Atom. Kord was a student of Garrett’s who assumed the Blue Beetle role using advanced technology instead of a magic scarab.

If it weren’t for the “DC52″ label on this I’d be checking it out. Like if it was set in the old universe where Ted was Blue Beetle and was pals with Booster Gold I’d be pre-ordering the books asap.

Ditto with The Flash because….Wally West. :)

But. Yeah.

DC52: The Wanna-Be Destroyer of All Good Memories wants to re-animate Wally and Ted into undead Frankenstein creatures. Zombies. Things that make Black Lanterns look like Beloved Icons.

Shouldn’t there be a law against disturbing the dead for foul purposes? :(

How does Ted Kord come off as exactly as unappreciated as he deserves. Even Superman wanted him to die, and had he not sucked so much that everyone in the DCU hated him, somebody else could have easily followed the same trail, and unlike Ted they might have been able to actually do something once they got there. Instead, Ted died alone and unloved, unable to accomplish a single noteworthy thing before he died. Going on just the 80 page countdown book alone, it would seem that he died as he lived: a completely useless failure.

and could you say that to Reyes too?
i see nothing noteworthy from him either.

I can’t figure DC out. Announcing Lex in the JL and Ted in the same breath makes little sense to me sense. I can’t wait to see how they screw him up on this one. I wonder if he’ll be bitten by a radioactive beetle. Seriously, reviving all these characters and placing them in this Nuked 52 universe is just another stunt gimmick that’s doomed to fail. Too little, too late, Dan Didio. YOU JERK!!!!

Also, another example of their already muddled creative well running dry, when Screwed 52, in its brief history, has a track record of doing what: killing off super-heroes. Now, a last ditched effort in gimmickry to start bringing back previously ignored heroes such as Ted Kord & Wally West?!! FAIL. That’s a shell game I won’t fall for. Bunch of hypocrites.

Bitch and moan. Bitch and moan.

Sorry, just trying to fit in on this page. Please, carry on.

Honestly, I’ll be picking up a DC book for the first time in a long time.

Edge Jaime Reyes saved the world from being taken over the Reach, back when they were subtle an intelligent, before they got completely Nerfed in the Nu52.

And it’s not like any book starring Jaime Reyes has had te same venom dripping from the page as Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Even if you don’t think Jaime Reyes has accomplished anything noteworthy, he still hasn’t had any failures paired with an entire book beforehand full of people telling him to just shut up and die already leading up to his death.

Interesting. Penguintruth’s post contain subtle comments all related to Ted Kord, such as “head” “skull” “shot”, “Lord” “Max” “Infinite” and “Crisis”.

I do hope DC does this right and brings back the Blue and Gold!

Fingers crossed…

I like how they are slowly bringing back the Old 52.

The continuity in the New 52 is awful, anything goes. Those that say continuity doesn’t mean probably has a hard on for every Quentin Tarantino movie. He has some good ones, but most rely on gore and flash. How many of the original New 52 remain? LOL Action Comics and Detective Comics volume 1 lasted ~74 years, Volume 2 could last maybe 10 years? Volume 3 will bring the downfall of DC and the rise of Image.

paulski, sounds like you a lot.


I’m glad that Geoff is bringing Ted Kord, the true Blue Beetle back!

Jaime Reyes should take the name “Scarab”, and join the Teen Titans.

Maybe, just maybe, the DC Universe will become a worthy place again!

So is he the guy in the hood?

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