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‘They’re called action figures for a reason’

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This is my random TV/Movie shelf. Really random. I love it nonetheless.


Early New Teen Titans are still my all-time favorite comics. While Trigon is, in retrospect, a pretty lame villain, how can you not love him at double size? I realize that neither Superboy (who is being held upside down by the big T) nor the Doom Patrol ever fought him but they seemed like good additions (and the NTT issues that re-introduced Robotman are highlights of that run).


Can’t imagine any super hero fans in my age range (mid-40s) who don’t have fond memories of Challenge of the Super Friends. This is as close as I got to recreating that magic. The Secret Society of Super Villians comics from the 70s help a lot (even though they only feature two of the figures – Sinestro and Creeper – that I have in the scene).


This was the first action scene that really came together for me. The set-up came about in large part because of the horrible job someone at DC Direct did on Hawkgirl’s wings (happy accidents and all that). Doesn’t matter that the JSA never fought Mongul (that I can recall) or that I included both Atom figures – this is still probably my favorite shelf.


Only someone with an incredibly good imagination will see that I was trying to imitate that famous cover from Uncanny X-Men #100. Clearly, I don’t have all of the right figures and Angel’s wings won’t cooperate. I still like the way this one turned out.


Ostrander’s Suicide Squad was another of my all-time favorite series so I was really glad to be able to feature three characters from there (no Nightshade, unfortunately). Putting them in the middle of a little throw-down between the recently teamed-up Blue Devil and Black Lightning (even if my figures are the old versions) and Dr. Impossible and the modern Cheetah (both who have looks that far outpace their use in the comics) just seemed like a lot of fun.


Remember that era of Justice League that featured all the B characters (just before JLA Detroit)? Me too. Fondly. This is my homage to that time with some characters who should be much more popular than they are.


Oh, if only they had created a Molly figure to go next to Tim Hunter. That would truly be magic. I also really love these two versions of Grendel. Matt Wagner is underrated as an iconic designer. All three of these were among the first figures I ever purchased.


Kevin Matchstick completes the Wagner collection. And who doesn’t love some Sandman characters? I’m still on the look-out for a reasonably priced Delirium to add to this shelf but like the foursome well enough too.

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Nice collection boss,wish I could do that someday.

I love when people bringing something bigger into displaying their collections, and not just putting their action figures in a row. Great collection and really awesome idea of displaying it

Sweet setup. Thank god shelf porn is back. I thought u guys got rid of it

Nice to see some New Gods love! And Trigon is pretty cool, too!

Looks awesome — having fun with your collection is the thing to do!

that is one cool way to display your colleciton espically love the x-men shef

‘They’re called action figures for a reason’

And the reason is because if you call them DOLLS, fan-boys are gonna get their feelings hurt.

Is this the Chris who used to run Phoenix Comix in Baltimore?

I picked up the Uncanny X-Men #100 reference before I got to your caption, Chris, so I say: mission accomplished, and well done!

Arranging shelves to harken back to favourite stories/issues/moments/ideas is a thing near and dear to my heart (I do the same thing) and so, unsurprisingly, I absolutely adore your set-up. Well done!


January 5, 2014 at 12:29 am

Glad shelf porn is back. Please keep it regular!!
Nice display

I love the variety in this collection. Really like the Falcon and Dr. Strange set up.

Love your set up. Great idea to pair the action figures with the comics.

Thanks for the comments, all.

@Jake – totally true.

@John – different Chris.

@Sean – hope you’ve sent photos of your scenes into JK. If they were posted in a previous Shelf Porn, please provide a link. I’d love to see them.

Meh. A friend of mine used to set up entire BIG battle sequences of his action figures in large fish tanks. That was much more impressive than these photos.

Wow, Catman, your friend sounds really cool. You, not so much.

Chris in Maryland – nice job, looks good! Love the Kirby shelf.

I totally would call Chris out for the utter dorkiness of it all…


… I, a grown-up man, did just spend last night photographing my Transformers collection in all sorts of action poses (including a great one of Grimlock with his sword raised with a volcano backdrop), so truly my only response can be one of brotherly love and admiration. :)

Plus your shelf is a hundred times nicer than the Ikea bookshelf I got going on.

El Santo – those look great! Dorks unite.

the Authority FTW, Angie rules

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