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This Batman and Iron Man furniture is cool but pricy


If only the budget for the planned makeover of my home office were a little more robust, I’d consider at least a couple of these superhero-themed accessories brought to my attention from Fiction Furniture: Batman bookshelves (in two flavors, classic and Nolan-verse) and “Stark’s Heart” wall lamps (Mark II and Mark VI varieties).

They’re a little on the pricy side — the classic Batman bookshelf is the most expensive, if not by much, at $267.26 — and they ship from Malaysia, which pushes the price way up, but, damn, they’re cool.


stark heart



The Nolan Bat Symbol looks awesome as a bookshelf. Sigh… if only I could justify a purchase like that….

It’s kinda cool. But only as long as it’s someone else’s. Too impractical for my taste. The lamp is a touch better but that’s all.

The Nolan shelf is cool, but… that’s a pretty sloppy way to put away books. (Also… not actually sized for comic books or trade paperbacks.)

Pretty sure the Han Solo frozen in carbonite desk has that beat on every level.

That’s not a book shelf, that’s just a wall unit that you can display action figures in. No was can those be used practically for books.

my brother has the batman bookshelf and it actually does work pretty well

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