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Update: Brittney Williams’ ‘Daily Planet Files’ is still adorable

daily planet files2

You may recall in late October we spotlighted The Daily Planet Files, a fan project by Brittney Williams that focuses a bit more on the less-super aspects of the Man of Steel’s life, namely his day job at Metropolis’ premier newspaper. Williams is back now with even more art, including adorable character designs for Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Superman and Jimmy Olsen, and a cast shot that adds Steve Lombard, Perry White, Ron Troupe and Cat Grant into the mix.

“After working on what has now become The Daily Planet Files since May of 2013, I’m finally happy with the designs and what this has developed into,” Williams writes on her blog. “Who know what surprises 2014 holds for these guys.”

See some of the art below, and even more on Williams’ blog.

daily planet files4

daily planet files



Jimmy looks a little too . . . young, and his outfit is a bit spacy. But I love Lois. All the artwork is really awesome. DC should totally make this a comic . . . it doesn’t all have to be about superheroes and capes, you know? They could run it as a back up strip.

Seriously cool. Don’t know how I missed your October post though. Shame on me.

I kind agree with S! about Jimmy but I love Lois’s look and Clark as well.

I think Jimmy is probably meant to be 13-14 there. Clark and Lois both look really young too, but i think it’s just a part of Williams’s style.

Brian from Canada

January 8, 2014 at 4:46 am

Please DC: make this the next kids book. I want to see more all-ages material for Superman when the next movie comes out — and this, with the emphasis on the supporting cast, reminds us all of how much more interesting Superman is when doing more than just hitting things.

Please Mr. Williams, keep making these!

Brian from Canada

January 8, 2014 at 4:47 am

Sorry, Brittney. That should read MISS Williams, keep making these!

(I shouldn’t post before breakfast.)

How many different ways can the world misspell “Brittany”? That said, her art looks great!

Kind of looks like everyone is still in high school… but the concept is nice.

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