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Watch Patton Oswalt tell Jerry Seinfeld how he’d kill Superman


It seems like it was just the other day — it was Monday, to be exact — that Jerry Seinfeld was offering his assessment of director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and already he back, talking more about one of his favorite subjects: Superman.

This time it’s in the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in which he and actor (and occasional comics writer) Patton Oswalt climb into a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 … only to have it break down. Fortunately, that gives them time to talk about DC Comics’ 1992 storyline “The Death of Superman,” and how Oswalt would kill the Man of Steel.

“Superman gets his powers from our yellow sun, but he’s here every day, soaking up that energy,” Oswalt explains. “So make it a thing where it’s like, the longer he stays here, now it’s starting to kill him — and then there’s a massive disaster looming: ‘Do I stay and stop this thing happening and die in the process, or do I leave and save myself?’

I have to agree with Seinfeld: That’s a solid premise. However, Oswalt has a far more difficult time coming up with his favorite superhero. Watch the video below.



That’s just a variation of how Luthor does it in All Star Superman.

So he’s basically plagiarizing Morrison’s All Star.

And he was on Shia LeBeouf for plagiarism…

I gladly give Patton Oswalt benefit of the doubt, though. Entirely possible he hasn’t read All-Star.

Hipster Brewfus (@HipsterBrewfus)

January 10, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Maybe you guys screaming “plagiarism” should read Pattons twitter feed and then shut the fuck up

haha.. someone white knighting Oswalt.. hilarious.

You know what has always struck me as odd. Why do we think that Kryptonite will kill Superman? I mean, there is really no evidence of it. Sure, it makes him sick, makes him weak, but no matter how long he’s exposed to it, once it’s 50 feet away or locked in a lead box, he’s as good as new.

My theory, he’s just let everyone think that Kryptonite will kill him so they focus on it. Really though, he’s just desperately allergic to peanuts.

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