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A baby’s adorable reaction to ‘Man of Steel’

man-of-steel-flightZack Snyder’s Man of Steel was easily one of the most divisive films of 2013. Some loved it, some hated it — but either way, there were few that didn’t have a strong opinion about it. The film has since had its home video release, and one father took it upon himself to find out what his 16-month old son thought of the movie by filming his reaction to the scene were Superman finally takes flight and uploading it to YouTube.

The child’s reaction is, of course, completely adorable.

Seriously, this kid gets so happy when Superman takes flight — making wooshing noises and kicking the desk, raising his hands above his head — that it perfectly demonstrates the childlike wonder many younger fans have when experiencing the Man of Steel for the first time. It’s ridiculously cute and the clip shown is, coincidentally, the only part of Man of Steel that really shows the upside to being Superman.



Why is your screen grab from Superman Returns?

Reminds me of my daughter. I would show her the first teaser trailer and she watched it with true wonder!

That fills me with joy and sadness in pretty much equal amounts.

So, the only part of the movie that shows any real joy or fun, brought joy and fun to someone?

What about the scene where Superman snaps Zod’s neck? How does the baby feel about that? -_-

Show him or her the original Superman movie, they will appreciate it more.

And then the baby payed more attention to the story quality, and…

Yes, a more accurate headline would be “A baby’s Adorable Reaction to the only hopeful scene from Man of Steel”. I imagine a baby’s reaction to the other 99.9% of the movie would be some combination of traumatic, hysterical crying and complete and utter boredom.

Haters gonna hate. the Man of Steel was equally as comic accurate as any other Hollywood movie.

With the fact that the top image is actually from Superman Returns, I actually expected this to be a twist article. Kid watches a Superman movie and likes it, only we the audience find out it is Superman Returns… Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUUNNN

Show him Superman: TAS, the scene where he throws a tantrum and then runs off only to leap a massive gorge and realizing he can stay in the air as long as he wants (it’s the second part of the pilot). I’m not saying Man of Steel didn’t have some good moments, there are just better ones that cover the same ground, and TAS handled his being able to fly with such grace, I look to that as my perfect vision of Superman. TAS just got it all right. I’ll say it, they got it better than the Reeve movies and I love those.

I didn’t like Man of Steel but I didn’t hate it as much as I expected to. I’ll watch it again, but only after I see Returns again. I place it between Returns and Quest for Peace.

I thought MOS was great and this video of the kid is pretty darn cool. Y’all are a bunch of old cranks!

That’s awesome. That kid is going to be a superman fan for life.

That was freakin’ adorable!

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