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A growing collection of graphic novels and more from Canada


Kyle from Ontario, Canada has only been collecting comics for a couple of years, but you can already tell he’s been bitten by the bug. Today he shares his growing collection of graphic novels, video games and more.

“I started buying comics and graphic novels about two years ago and my collection (especially this past year) has just kept growing,” Kyle said. “I mainly stick to DC but have started to branch out recently.”

If you’d like to see your collection here on Robot 6, scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out how.

And now let’s hear from Kyle …



My current backlog. There’s been so many great comics released over the years which has made there be a lot to catch up on. I’m trying to set up a system where I no longer get any new books until they’re all completed but it’s hard! The Batman print on the wall by Ryan Sook was included in the DC Anniversary book.


Absolutes. I originally didn’t plan on owning any of these large, expensive books but the pics all over Comic Book Resources tempted me to try one and they just keep coming in since.









If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs.
2. Write up a little something about your collection.
3. Send them to me in an email. Please send the images as separate files; don’t embed them into a Word doc.



I’m really excited to see my collection posted here! It’s grown even more since I submitted these pics, with the shelf where Animal Man is becoming completely filled up by Fables books. Thanks a lot for this.

nice espically love all that batman art including the pics behind the death of the family joker. nice collection kyle

I was thinking about sending in my collection, but now seeing this. I think I’ll back out lol

Pretty sweet collection, those Absolutes are great books. I’ve also tried the, don’t buy new books until you read the old books system, does not work for me either.

Lots of Absolute books. Those things aren’t cheap.

Lovely, lovely stuff.

Those Absolute editions look great on the self, but I didn’t know they released an Infinite Crisis Omnibus. I miss the old 52.

It looks like those are mostly hardcover. Nice. If it’s available I prefer to buy hardcover too.

I’m surprised that he doesn’t have The Invisibles Omnibus; The Saga of the Swamp Thing HCs; The Fantastic Four Omnibus V. 1 & 2 – John Byrne; The Mighty Thor – Walt Simonson.

I am looking forward to the DOOM PATROL Omnibus. :-)

Very nice!!! Love all the PS3 games, but where the XBOX ones? Noticed the Halo reach statue. Once again very nice!

Nice collection. Something that really stood out for me was the Star Trek tie-in game… Hehe… That thing was hilariously bad.

Excellent collection! Also own plenty of Marvel Omnibuses and DC Absolutes. Well-recommended!

No love for the single issues? Nice collection though!

Great collection!

I see that (like me) you also collect video games (although I’m more of a retro collector myself), so I have the perfect question for you: how do you make both collections coexist in terms of money spent on each one?

I’m having trouble with this since i usually alternate all my funds between the two hobbies, never buying both at the same time!

Yeah… some nice hardcovers and deluxe editions. Congratulations. You are new in this hobbie but i see a healthy predisposition to diversity, to read some books further than the usual corporate owned superhero non-sense. I recommend you to also keep an eye open to manga and european comics.

Thanks for the comments everybody!

David, my video game buying has wound down lately as I’ve been spending more money on comics. A majority of the games I wait for deals on so my wallet doesn’t take as much of a hit. Having said that, it’s hard to balance the two!

There were a couple of promotions I took advantage of last summer which is when I went crazy with building up the collection.

Baird9965–please feel free to submit your shelves/collection for consideration. I am sure it is great.

Kyle – You’ve got a fantastic collection mate! Keep collecting!

Baird9965 – I’d love to see your shelves/collection so go ahead and submit mate!

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