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Artist reimagines ‘Star Wars’ as 1980s high school comedy

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It’s highly unlikely that once the Star Wars license returns to Marvel next year that we’ll see the original trilogy reimagined as a 1980s high-school comedy, but after seeing Denis Medri’s take on Luke, Leia and the gang, I now realize that’s exactly what I want to read. (Hey, someone at Lucasfilm greenlit Star Wars: Detours, so stranger things have happened. Of course, Disney quickly shelved the project, so …)

Medri offers up a Han Solo with nunchakus, short-shorts and Pontiac Firebird, Nerd-droids with pocket protectors, motocross-racing Vader, Boba Fett and stormtroopers, Principal Palpatine and so much more. It’s fast times at Mos Eisley High … or something.

See some of Medri’s work below, and more at Behance.

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I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked on this topic, but this is really cool.

This is several months old. You should post a link to his deviantart page, Amazing Batman, Star Wars and Hobbit art.

I so want to see this come to fruition!

I was all set to “meh” this, but gym teacher Yoda won me over.

Luke is an average teenager in a suburban 1980’s neighborhood looked after by his doting aunt and uncle. When his aunt and uncle go on their yearly retreat Luke is left to house sit with him their foreign exchange student guests Cecil “Cee” Threepiyo & Artu Deetu. Looks like a boring week for Luke until his foreign friends get a letter from their pen pal Leia that rock group The Force are coming to an amphitheater in the next state.

With no ride Luke hatches a plan to enlist delinquent Hans Olo his best buddy Chewie and their trusty Millenium Falcon Van to take him, Cee and Artu on the wildest road trip of their lives. Even promising a date with Leia when they pick her up. But there’s one problem…

When high school Principle Palpatine catches wind of their plan to ditch school he sics his best men Vader & Fett, highschool dropouts doing odd jobs for the crooked principle, to catch the “rebels” in the act and bring them back to face judgement at the hands of the school board and his aunt & uncle.

What unfolds is the biggest rock’n’roll adventure of their young lives!

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