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Ashley Wood unveils Invincible Iron Man figures


Last year news bubbled up that Popbot artist Ashley Wood was working on a highly detailed line of toys/statuettes based on Marvel’s Iron Man. Fast-forward one year, and they’re almost here.

On Feb. 13, Wood’s company 3a Toys will release four Iron Man figures as the opening salvo in a larger line of Marvel toys. These first figures (highlighted below) are dubbed “Classic,” “Silver Centurion,” Stealth” and “Stark Industries Prototype,” with the latter exclusive to 3A’s online webstore, Bambaland.

Although Wood is best known for creator-owned work, the artist states on the 3A forum that he had a childhood dream of drawing Marvel characters and the opportunity to do his own version of Iron Man with this toy line is “incredible.”

“Now if only I could make the comics based on the toys,” Wood writes.  “These designs are linked in my mind, a 3A secret war if you will!”

While a Ashley Wood-drawn Marvel comic is something only Marvel can decide, the artist has more Marvel figures planned after these, including Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom and Ultron.







These are cool. I really like action figures designed after an artist’s style (see New Gods by Jack Kirby, New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke).

More Iron Man armor designs need back thrusters straight out of a Gundam design.

Wow, these are really cool designs.

but they’re all just repaints of the same design..

I agree with Flav – they all look like the same design just repainted differently…can’t be sure of the Silver Centurion model as they don’t show photos of the back.

these are a cool design. except for the arms/legs. i never really got/liked the designs that look like he’s basically wearing tights between his gloves/boots and his torso. the parts that are actually armored look cool, though.

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