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Black Milk Clothing unveils Batman collection

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Australian fashion company Black Milk Clothing has debuted a Batman collection, featuring comics-inspired apparel ranging from dresses to leggings to swimsuits. While the flashiest piece may be the Batman Cape Suit, with detachable cape, the standout items are probably those that incorporate actual comic-book art by the likes of Neal Adams, Brian Bolland, Terry Dodson and Jock.

You can check out some of the pieces below, along with a video, which gets annoying fairly quickly.

black milk6

black milk5

black milk4

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Hmm, anything with “crazy psychopath” Joker is a no-go.

The print choices come across as more creepy than cool.

going to have to disagree with you..I loves these designs

Silicone Synapse

February 11, 2014 at 4:42 pm

I am sitting here trying to grow a vagina and shapely woman curves just so I can rock that Bolland Joker jacket

The shirts are nifty. But those two-face leggings are absolutely creepy as hell.

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