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Cemetery reinstalls SpongeBob gravestones

The SpongeBob monuments, in their original form

The SpongeBob monuments, in their original form

A year after the murder of Army Sgt. Kimberly Walker, her family has resolved their dispute with a Cincinnati cemetery about the SpongeBob SquarePants monuments commissioned to mark the grave site.

Their disagreement drew national attention last fall after the family was told the two 6-foot-tall, 7,000-pound statues — one for Kimberly Walker and the other for her living twin sister Kara — didn’t meet the standards of the historic Spring Grove Cemetery and had to be removed. That’s despite the Walker family receiving design approval from a cemetery employee for the $26,000 monuments, which were created with the permission of Nickelodeon. The cemetery insisted the staff member simply made a mistake, and offered alternative proposals.

But WLWT reports the original statues were reinstalled on Friday, only now with granite slabs to shield them from passersby.

In a statement to the TV station, Spring Grove Cemetery apologized to the Walker family, saying, “Our personnel oversaw the design and installed the SpongeBob monuments and then had them removed when concerns were raised by others. We deeply regret the distress this caused the family. We have worked hard to remedy the problem and appreciate the cooperation we received from the family during this process.”

Through an attorney, the Walkers said, “The peace the family can now enjoy at Kimberly’s graveside on the beautiful grounds of the historic Spring Grove Cemetery will help them find the strength to endure the upcoming trial of the man accused in her death.”

Kimberly Walker, who loved the cartoon character so much that she had a SpongeBob-themed birthday party each year, was found strangled and beaten to death on Feb. 14, 2013, in a Colorado hotel room. Her boyfriend was charged in her murder.



Yeah, if I paid to have family buried at this cemetary I’d consider it somewhere between pretty disrespectful to complete mockery for everyone else to have a cartoon character gravestone there. Seems the lawyers overrode common sense in this case as they often do, but I hope the staffer that let this go through in the first place got a well deserved pink slip.

It’s only one set of gravestones, and I don’t think its disrespectful for a family to choose a gravestone that’s meaningful to them. Their freedom of speech doesn’t hinder anyone else’s choice of tombstone to express their grief in a different way. Also i think it’s common sense that someone who goes back on their word, is usually someone who is in the wrong.

Lol this issue has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech


It’s cheaper, better for the environment, and leaves all this legal crap to those really want it.

Red Comet – How does someone else’s gravemarker offend someone else??

Should I as an atheist demand all crosses be taken down?


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