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Comic-Con International opens ‘Early Bird Hotel Sale’


Comic-Con International has kicked off its “Early Bird Hotel Sale,” offering a limited number of rooms in Mission Valley and the airport area at special rates before general housing opens.

Beyond the geographic restrictions — no downtown rooms are included in the sale — there are some other notable conditions, including full, non-refundable “prepayment” at the time of the book. Nearly all of the hotels also require a minimum three- or four-night minimum stay. The early-bird rates expire on April 8, after which reservations are non-transferable.

Attendees staying Mission Valley and the airport area would need to take a 15- to 20-minute shuttle or cab ride to and from the San Diego Convention Center. Twenty-four-hour shuttle service to Comic-Con begins at 7 a.m. Thursday, July 24 and continues through 7 p.m. Sunday, July 27.



I love that they start selling non-refundable hotel rooms before most people even know if they can get tickets… I wish they’d just move to Anaheim already.

Well the rooms are for people who already got early tickets. But, it’s still dumb to not let the general tickets go on sale yet and ask the majority of con goers to already book tickets.

” I wish they’d just move to Anaheim already.”

Why not go to wondercon?

I’m looking at going to Wondercon for next year. The spectacle of SDCC is somethig is love to see again and take my kids to though. It’s just getting harder and harder to make it an actual vacation each year.

It is something to behold, but there’s plenty of stuff to do outside that could easily take up a day and not require a badge. It’s not ideal, but I usually spend Thursday outside, including the zombie run and outdoor events.

Also, to cap off the night, the San Diego symphony has performances that are comic con related Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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