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Comics A.M. | PETA comic containing graphic pamphlet outrages grade school parents

peta-cowComics | Parents at a Woodland Hills, California, elementary school are outraged that a comic handed out to their children turned out to include graphic images of cows being mistreated in factory farms. A calf had been brought to the school for a unit on dairy farming, and when children were given a copy of what looked like a kid-friendly comic titled A Cow’s Life, they didn’t anticipate what they found inside: Images of cows being mutilated, electrocuted and dehorned. PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman apologized, saying the comics were intended for adults (it’s not clear how or why they were distributed to the children, though the copy provided to the local media is labeled on its covers as “PETAkids Comics”), and offered to provide non-dairy ice cream sandwiches to students and staff.

UPDATE: PETA has clarified to ROBOT 6 that the comic itself is a kid-friendly publication. However, it contained an inserted pamphlet intended for parents which featured graphic photographs of “pictures of baby cows being electrocuted, factory farms with machetes.” PETA maintains that the pamphlet was not intended to be included inside the comic, and “intended for the in-depth leaflets to go to the students’ parents so that they could be fully informed about how the dairy industry hurts animals (and how dairy products can make kids and adults sick).” [CBS News]

Graphic Novels | ICv2 has BookScan’s top 20 graphic novels chart for January 2013. There were eight manga titles on the chart, four of them Attack on Titan. Four volumes of The Walking Dead made the chart as well, which ICv2 notes is half their December showing. The most interesting thing about this chart, though, is the first appearance of a graphic novel from Amazon’s Jet City imprint: The Sworn Sword, a repackaged 2008 release based on a story by George R.R. Martin, the writer of Game of Thrones and tagged as a Game of Thrones prequel. [ICv2]

Crime | Anne Arundel County police are searching for a man who held up Twilight Zone Comics, in Glen Burnie, Maryland, last night. The man pointed a gun at employees and demanded money, but he didn’t take any comics. [The Capital Gazette]

Comics Conventions | Ty Kilsel looks at the use of social media as a factor in the success of the first Salt Lake Comic Con. [Forbes]

Creators | In a podcast interview, Evan Dorkin discusses the comics he makes, the comics he reads, and many other matters. [Super Live Adventure!]

Li'l Vampirella

Li’l Vampirella

Commentary | Blogger “Jef with one F” questions the trend of creating cute kiddy versions of adult comics (i.e., Tiny Titans, Li’l Hellboy) rather than children’s comics that can stand on their own. [Houston Press]

Creators | Lila Quintero Weaver talks about her graphic novel Darkroom: A Memoir in Black and White, in advance of an appearance at the University of Alabama today. [The Crimson White]

Comics Conventions | The first ever Salinas Valley Comic Con launches this weekend. [Monterey County Herald]

Manga | Bookstore employees in Japan recommend their favorite new manga (series with five volumes or less); two of them, One-Punch Man and The Seven Deadly Sins, are also available in the U.S. [Anime News Network]



PETA shouldn’t backpedal on this. If kids are being fed one-sided propaganda, they’re entitled to hear the other side of the story. Kids are not the fragile flowers we pretend they are. Plenty of the comics we read as kids were graphically violent — when I I was 7 or 8, I was reading Batman comics about severed heads (remember this: and all manner of gruesome things in Alan Moore Swamp Thing comics). How many of us were scarred for life by those comics? Better to be honest with kids and allow them to hear different sides of an argument. It will help them to stay open minded, develop critical thinking skill, and develop a sense of ethical judgement.

My God, what a bunch of assholes. They can’t convert the adults so now they’re aiming at our kids. I looked up the images online and it’s pretty sick. Yeah, obviously we kill animals for our food and it’s bloody, but to display photographs like that hidden in the guise of a kids comic is manipulative and tactless. If they want to present their case, fine, but don’t use shock tactics aimed at my kid to do it.

Ughhh seriously We as humans need to eat do we not? now dont come telling me about how you can replace X with X no thats not how we’ve been evolving over the years. We as humans need to feed ourselves and this method works. PETA is a joke plain and simple nothing more than propaganda being spread by misinformed people.

Anyone in PETA reading this I hope you prove me wrong with the massive amount of farm space you have to feed the entire worlds population…I’m waiting

I would bet every cent I have that the graphic pamphlet wasn’t inserted into the comic “by accident”. This is the way propagandists operate, and it’s nothing for them to lie about it. I respect vegetarians, and there’s no doubt that factory farms are generally awful places, but PETA is itself a sordid and despicable organization. They treat their audience’s minds with just as much disrespect as factory farms treat animals.

There’s a big difference between sneaking “the Alan Moore ‘Swamp Thing’ comics we read as kids”, which were marked as being “mature” anyway, and distributing violent propaganda via official school channels.

I’ll point out that I’ve been a vegan for 13+ years, and vegetarian 15+… and I’ve never seen PETA do anything other than make vegetarians look bad. They’re too busy pushing pseudoscience, showing graphic pictures to people who didn’t ask to see them, and doing things that degrade women to be taken seriously by anyone.

Hell, even their online list of vegan supermarket items has a lot of nonvegan things on it, so they’re not even helpful to other vegans.

No one takes PETA seriously any more so they are resorting to this. “Desperation is the last refuge of a one who had lost the fight.” -Dr. Doom. (I think)

If you want to support aminals volunteer at your local shelter. Only an uninformed moron gives PETA a second thought.

Vegan, Vizator, totally agree with you guys. PETA is a joke and undermines the work done by real organizations that try to help animal, like the HSUS.
I remember going to the circus one summer and a handful of PETA people were protesting because of the circus’ use of elephants. They had been there a while and one of the protestors was there with her dog, in the blazing summer heat and didn’t have anything for the dog to drink or even any shade for the dog to get in. The poor thing was panting and not doing well in the sun, yet it was all oblivious to this supposed animal lover who was foaming at the mouth about the elephants being mistreated.

this is nothing new for peta. check out the documentary called ‘your mommy kills animals’. possibly on youtube. peta is an embarrassment to any thinking vegan/vegetarian. at least one not in their twenties.

Maybe PETA would do better than to stop killing roughly 90% of the domestic animals brought to them for shelter every year, most before they’ve even been in shelter for 24 hours.

And goodness knows what they expect carnivorous animals to eat. Tofu?

I recall the PETA-focused episode of “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” One woman fairly high up in the organization, who is diabetic and uses (animal-derived) insulin, was asked about that and gave some rationalization about how she needed her animal-derived meds in order to protect animals. Then there was the one who said that having a pet was “exploitation.” I don’t think my cat, who had food, shelter, a litter box and free run of my house (he was perched on the back of my couch while the episode was on), felt exploited…

I have to go against the general trend of the critics here.

First, I’m no vegetarian or vegan, I am very carnivorous, so I’m fully prepared to be called an hypocrite on account of this, since I love meat, but…

Are the ‘offensive’ photos real? Do they depict real events? If they are real, if it’s not some montage, if it’s really happening, then maybe kids SHOULD see them? Anyway, I never was much for advocating shielding people from horrible realities under the guise of “good taste”. Whether it’s the corpses of soldiers fighting in some war, or whatever happens to aborted fetuses, it it’s REAL, then show it, baby, show it.

Now, yeah, maybe I am a hypocrite because I love meat. Maybe I’m a hypocrite for not wanting to see those photos myself. But I can’t find it in me to bash the guys that are forcing people to see it.

I’m all for letting people see pictures of just about anything if they ask to, Rene, but there’s a difference between granting someone’s request and bait-and-switching people with “Here’s a nice comic book. Just kidding, graphic photos!” Even if it wasn’t intentional (I’m not convinced either way), it’s still the sort of thing that there should be a plan in place to make sure it doesn’t happen. PETA’s not new to working with kids, and even if this was an accident it’s not an okay thing that they don’t have a better policy of separating materials.

But yeah. I think it really boils down to the difference between stopping images from being available and stopping people from intentionally showing them to people who didn’t want to see them.

Rob–most crops grown in the world are fed to and filtered through animals. The amount of grains, soy, and so forth fed to animals each day is converted into a much minimized amount of meat in the end. So, you can stop waiting for PETA to provide enough farm space to feed the world. We’ve obviously already got it. (On the other hand, forests in South America continue to be clear cut in order to provide gracing land for cattle, which they quickly destroy, as well as to grow crops specifically for them. If people depended on crops directly, there would be no need for any of that.)

I’m not sure why everyone’s so skeptical over this. It was a mom of a child at that very school who did this. PETA wasn’t even there, it was just their materials.

Vegan –

Yeah, I suppose you’re right. And, more importantly, stunts like this may prove to be detrimental in the long run.

But don’t you think people sometimes have to be shown certain things before they have time to rationalize them away? I’m thinking more of war here than animal rights, but the same principles apply.

Hey kids where do you think your hamburgers and stakes come from.Kids can deal with the truth.

peta kills animals, lots of them. and now they’re giving children propaganda. i investigated all 5 comics peta made, and one was saying “don’t donate to the american cancer society, they test on animals! no matter what, donate to something that doesn’t test on animals. if you get cancer, we won’t help you. BECAUSE THE RESEARCHERS TEST ON ANIMALS!” i only agree that cats and dogs shoudn’t be tested on, but a rodent?
and for the cow comic, it’s all true, unfortunatley. but if you eat organic, the cows get to have a happy live and are humanely slaughtered. peta tells kids there is no such thing. and many meat eaters are too poor to afford organic!

peta still sucks

November 18, 2015 at 7:21 am

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid rotten bullies for animals since 1980

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