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Dark Knight returns in animated Batman vs. Terminator fan short


Batman has taken on Predator and, with assistance from Superman, both Aliens and Predator. Yet somehow he’s never faced the Terminator — until now, that is.

In this tense short conceived by Tony Guerrero and animated by Mitchell Hammond, we’re reintroduced to Bruce Wayne, 30 years after Skynet’s nuclear blasts, as he tries to make his way across the wasteland of the United States “to join forces with the man determined to neutralize the electronic menace — John Conner.”

Batman Vs. The Terminator feels very much like The Dark Knight Returns meets Akira meets Heavy Metal. And at a little less than five minutes long, it’s far too short.

(via Jason Copland)



Oh snap that was awesome, love the Dark Knight Returns look with the suit and the tank like Batmobile, very much suits this sort of crossover. If this had been a full movie I would have liked to see how the Batman supporting cast and the villains would have managed the rise of Skynet, especially James Gordon and Barbara, the Joker, Victor Fries, Oswald Cobblepott, Selina Kyle and more.

Not bad…didn’t care much for The Batman’s voice.

Great work athough it would make sense if this happened in a world where Batman is the superhero(perhaps in the same universe as the Dark Knight Trilogy) around, and no metahumans, gods, monsters, aliens, I would assume skynet would have much more trouble with this.

They need to make it feature length. I’d crowd source the crap out of that.

Hope Harlan Ellison sues

Holy torpedo!!
Good job..kudos…

Great job! I love crossovers

Well that was awesome. More please.

Very nicely done.

Why is nobody talking about the amazing soundtrack by Noir Deco? Acts like Noir Deco and Perturbator are singlehandedly bringing back creepy 80s sci-fi synth, and as such Noir Deco was a perfect choice.

That was awesome! More please!

Mike is right – let’s get a longer version crowdfunded NOW!

Can we just have this guy do the AKIRA re-make, please? His stuff has that Otomo look written all over it .

This is GREAT! DC should do a Suicide Squad film in this style.

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