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DC Collectibles debuts ‘Li’l Gotham’ and Batman animated lines

lil gotham-batman2

The big news from DC Collectibles ahead of this weekend’s Toy Fair 2014 is, of course, the new collector’s line of 6-inch action figures based on Bruce Timm’s designs from Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, debuting in November. There are also figures from the direct-to-video animated films Son of Batman and Infinite Crisis, and Superman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna statues, among others.

However, for my money, it’s tough to beat the announcement of a line of action figures based on Li’l Gotham, the digital-first series by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, beginning with Batman, Robin, The Joker and Harley Quinn. Nguyen has posted his designs for the figures, which are just as adorable as you’d expect.

lil gotham-batman

lil gotham-robin

lil gotham-robin2

lil gotham-joker

lil gotham-joker2

lil gotham-harley

lil gotham-harley2






February 14, 2014 at 9:29 am

Look at all those joints on the TNBA stuff! I’m gonna HAVE to buy these new versions.

Li’l Gotham!!!!!!!!!! I want them all!

I like the look of the Lil Gotham figures, but it looks like their articulation means they’ll be nearly static…

Love the animated Batman & Catwoman articulation, but I’m thinking his cape will limit the range of motion on his arms… Potentially severely, depending on how soft it is.

Saw a pic elsewhere of the Zatanna Bombshells statue, and it’s another welcome addition to that line!

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