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Denver Comic Con announces guests, diversity commitment

denver comic conDenver Comic Con, which last year drew more than 48,000 attendees, is emphasizing its commitment to diversity with the announcement of four guests for the June 13-15 event.

“We know that our fans — and fans of pop culture — come from all races and beliefs, and any sexual orientation,” Bruce MacIntosh, director of programming, said in a statement. “Denver Comic Con guests and programming are deliberately geared towards informing and entertaining the fanboy and fangirl in all of us! Being inclusive of the entire community — both the communities of Denver and the pop-culture community as a whole — has been a focus of DCC since its inception.”

Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference, a program of Comic Book Classroom, goes so far as to spell out its diversity mission: “Denver Comic Con’s diversity mission is about educating children and the general public through pop culture, comics and cartooning, and bringing together the diverse people and interests of the community regardless of age, race, gender or background. By focusing on education and providing guests, programming and events that encourage diversity, CBC/DCC strives to promote tolerance and empower the members of our community.”

The guests are: Shane Bitney Crone, the filmmaker and LGBT rights advocate whose 2013 documentary Bridegroom chronicles his struggles following the death of his partner; Joan Hilty, veteran comics editor and cartoonist; Kathryn Immonen, writer of Patsy Walker: Hellcat and Journey Into Mystery; and Dan Parent, Archie Comics veteran and creator of Kevin Keller.

They join the likes of George Perez, Katie Cook, Colleen Doran, Mark Brooks, Georges Jeanty, Ted Naifeh, Eric Shanower, Yanick Paquette, Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos and Ben Templesmith.



Sounds cool, wish I could make it out there.

Oh…Really????!! “Being inclusive”. Maybe questions need to be asked about their “diversity” spin?

Many Star Treks as The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, deals with ending the unrecognized diversity poverty. Unlike deep space- I believe I will not take a riot to end human suffer of lack but education of the public-Like telling the public that over 260 million Americans, out of 320 million Americans pay rate is less than the cost of living.

The 1960 federal poverty line only counts food. Not repairs, taxes, rent, health and car insurances, utilities, clothes,etc. It is a flawed measurement of human needs.

Many theories of sci-fi deals with the rich being above planet earth or where-ever and the poor. I say poverty will end when us poor of funds are given a voice. Imagine more than half of gays etc. are also in the classification of paupier, or poor.

I suffered nearly 3 month and counting of being removed from open groups for informing others I want to talk at Conference’s, and where to write for a free booklet. Did I mention If their hearts lead them the can send a donation? I honest do not recall. Linked in says the punishment of being on the pending list last just a few week, and a few weeks more the second time its been since the 3rd week of December, going into the spring, that I cannot speak out at my favorite groups.

I believe so much in the human Right of article 19 freedom of expression, that I am about to bring action against LinkedIn for removing my name from open groups and not telling them a member might need monitoring, the leaders of open groups to approve postings. They said this was to protect my privacy. Human rights are from individual to other individuals. We have a duty to protect all Human rights of each other, or live by the golden rule of doing no harm. Article 30. Human rights has around 4 economic rights. Before the end of the month the case should be filed in Denver Federal Court.

I would love to come next year and talk about being a lacking funds, lesbians at Comic Con. I Never had the funds to attend one. I also would love for the creators of comic con to request any of my Free booklets on poverty write to Jan Hoag PO Box 63461 Colorado Springs,CO 80962, or call 719.645.7746.

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