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Fan film transforms ‘Batman ’66’ into Nolan’s Dark Knight


How do you get from the cheerful Batman of the 1960s to Christopher Nolan’s brooding Dark Knight? Based on new fan film Batman Evolution, it involves Black Mask, some gunky chemicals and dubstep.

Directed by Peter Cornwell, the freshly released Batman Evolution takes a lighthearted stab at connecting Adam West’s campy Batman ’66 to the considerably more intense Caped Crusader depicted in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. Eric Gable wrote and starred in the title role of the film, which debuted on Comic Book Movie. Gable told the site he was looking to bring some verisimilitude to Batman’s martial arts: “I traveled to Japan to study ninjutsu years ago, and I’m really surprised no one has brought it to film yet. Literally, all the ‘ninja’ movies to date are actually using karate.”



Well done. Hilarious.

That had great potential, but turned into some seriously unfunny dorky crap. Too bad.

I almost hate to say it, but “I could tell you what my power is, but you wouldn’t understand.” is the best Batman line I’ve heard in a long while.

Pretty bad. Kind of dumb to do an Adam West piss-take which isn’t shot remotely like Adam West Batman (similarly, the Nolan stuff doesn’t look anything like Nolan). Also, the dialogue.

Some people commenting took this video way too “serious”. I enjoy a good comic book or movie enough to be considered a bit of a geek myself but Cass & Odin, you both seem too stuck-up. Either that or you don’t have a funny-bone. Both of you should seriously grow a…personality.

That was horrendous. Is this what out of work actors do nowadays? Go back to waiting tables

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