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Marvel & ‘Lowrider Magazine’ gear up for ‘All-New Ghost Rider’


To help promote its All-New Ghost Rider, which introduces a new Spirit of Vengeance with a new vehicle, Marvel is turning to some folks who know a little bit stylish rides: the editors of Lowrider Magazine.

As part of a new partnership, new Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider (and a scantily clad friend) will grace the cover of the magazine’s special April issue, “Marvelous Mayhem,” with an illustration by series writer Felipe Smith. Inside, readers will find an interview with Smith and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, as well as artwork by Tradd Moore from All-New Ghost Rider #1.

In exchange, many of Marvel’s April issues will feature ads for Lowrider Magazine.

“The lowrider community is a largely Hispanic-dominated culture whose influence was born out of the Los Angeles lifestyle,” Lowrider Magazine Editor Joy Ray said in a statement. “With the new Ghost Rider being of Hispanic descent and out of East L.A., many of our readers and fans will instantly have a connection with him and want to explore a comic that echoes their own unique Los Angeles and auto-enthusiast lifestyle.”

All-New Ghost Rider #1 arrives March 19.

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This is surprisingly good marketing on the part of Marvel. How effective it is is up for debate, but that they’re actually reaching out to the community that’s heavily influenced this new take is a good thing.

If Marvel gains even one new reader to stick around from this, then this will have done it’s job. I hope it works for them, it’s a pretty sweet move.

I seem to be in the online minority on this…but I LOVE LOVE the new skull design.

I’m right there with you ejulpboy.

I know Rider diehards in general don’t seem to like it because it’s not organic enough, but I think it looks great. Love the way the flames out the sides of his mouth as well.

As a Ghost Rider fan AND a Latino comics fan, I’m loving this. I’ll always have love for Johnny Blaze and (especially) Danny Ketch, but this is just awesome.

I’m loving the trend of diversifying a superhero universe by handing down a classic mantle. Blue Beetle, Ms. Marvel, and now Ghost Rider are all CLASSIC heroes, with new non-white people to carry on the tradition. It’s much more organic and less pandering than “a new Latino super hero for the ages!” and then the superhero identity is totally dependent on the ethnicity.

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