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Meet the next Avengers franchise: the fan-made Avengers UK


Marvel’s Avengers have grown from a single team to a full-blown franchise, with early spinoffs like West Coast Avengers giving way to the current crop, which sports modifiers like “New,” “Mighty,” “Young,” “A.I.” and even “World.” But some U.K. fans felt at least one version of the Avengers was missing … so they made their own.

Avengers UK is a “‘just for fun non-profit’ fan-based fiction,” where a group of Marvel’s British-based heroes unite to fight evil. According to writer/artist Darren Wilson, in Avengers UK you can “see spectacular battles, amazing abilities and standards of queuing up in a way that only residents of the U.K. can truly achieve (except maybe not the last one)!”

As seen above, the primary Avengers UK team is Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Dark Angel and Motormouth, although the comic has teased other members — both memorable and arcane in Marvel and Marvel UK continuity.


Avengers UK is currently in its third issue, and is available for free on its Facebook page.



isn’t that just Excalibur?

Just to add my tuppence (a British term ;) ) this is comic is a labour of love – of which the creator Darren totally does out of a genuine love and respect for Marvel UK characters that had (until the recent Revolution series) been woefully ignored by Marvel or badly written (Captain Britain) by US writers – so us Brits decided the best way to represent them was to do it ourselves !
Having seen the sheer amount of energy and commitment put into this I myself now am part of this comic – providing ‘variant’ cover art and also additional graphics.
And for all you Captain Britain fans I have now completed a full colour 30 page CB Special esp for Avengers UK Facebook page- written by Darren Wilson – coming out end of March – keep your eyes open (and your mind) and support us !!!

By the way in the article there is a mistake – that’s not Pete Wisdom but Shang Chi (Pete is in the comic soon)… and yes Shang Chi is now in the US Avengers comic now but AUK brought him back out of comic-limbo before Marvel did ! (As they later did with all the other Marvel UK cast)

Wow! Thank you Robot 6! Please come and join us over at Avengers UK because if you like weird it’s our stock in trade. We’re just finishing our second arc ‘Ghost Rider of Glasgow’ and after that as the mighty IzzY World has mentioned Captain Britain takes centre stage for a solo story.

Our third arc takes the team from the Pub to the Savage Land and we have arcs planned in Otherworld and will feature an unofficial crossover with Doctor Who (they don’t know it’s happening) and later this years a solo Death’s Head story involving kung-fu monkeys and a Social Medium….

My only critique would be that Oasis shirt really makes it look like dated. There’s been loads of brilliant British bands in recent years, but on first glance it looks like it’s 1995 all over again.

But kudos for putting in the time & energy to produce the comic you’d like to see, I admire the dedication.

Also, just a suggestion, if you scan as a B&W bitmap image you can get cleaner blacks, with less touchups, then convert. As it is one can see all the strokes. I mean that in a helpful way, not an asshole way. Apologies if it comes across as the latter.

thanks for the feedback Anon – I can’t speak for Darren ref the Oasis t-shirt – but i think , in my opinion, it’s just an iconic logo and kinda sums up Motor Mouth’s attitude – and people wear retro-style t-shirts nowadays!

Regarding the art- i get your meaning but didn’t notice the strokes etc until i really looked closer – besides this is from the first issue – which was months ago and the art /scanning has improved

By the way strictly speaking there are more than ‘three issues’ – the first ‘Volume’ had 6 issues – the first being around 20 pages the following each had around 7 pages each for the first ‘arc’

The next and – current volume (2) consists of 4 issues – of which the last part comes out in a week or two – so keep visiting the page !

Then end of March we post the CAPTAIN BRITAIN special (drawn by me) which is a 30 page full colour special edition

Thanks for your feedback – always welcome !!!

Now, stick the kettle on – i want a cup of tea ! :)

Hiya Anon, always good to hear feedback. As IzzY World mentioned these pics are from quite far back on the journey….I’m a real techno-troglodyte and I’m learning new tricks all the time…with thanks to IzzY things have improved quite a lick. Hopefully the art will continue to improve. But please feel free to comment on the page if you have any suggestions on future installments, we’re always willing to improve.

As for the t-shirt…bear with me…each issue of Avengers UK has a ‘Suggested Soundtrack’ from a British artist. Oasis are the band that really shaped my early adulthood so I threw in a reference, her t-shirt changes with every arc and I try and make them a little obscure. I recall Bryan Singer once saying that he wanted to keep the sixties essence in his X-Men films as that was when they started….and I figured – why not embrace that ethos with an extremely 90’s character? Plus……..without spoiling…..that will become slightly significant….

Thank you so much for the interest, we hope to hear from you again over at AUK……however I will disagree that there have been a lot of good British bands in recent years ;-)

Wow….I said ‘improve’ a lotin that last comment….I must improve on that


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