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Michigan superheroes threatened by the villainy of in-fighting

Photo by John L. Russell.

Photo by John L. Russell

Turns out, real-life superheroes have the same problems as their fictional inspirations. First there was Phoenix Jones and his Spider-Man-esque contentious relationship with Seattle police, and now a group of costumed crimefighters in East Jordan, Michigan. are embroiled in their own Civil War.

The Detroit News has shared the story of Petoskey Batman (Mark Williams, pictured above with his girlfriend Brittany Scott in a Batgirl costume) and Bee Sting (Adam Besso), former friends and partners turned enemies, in a feud sparked over leadership of their superhero squad, the Michigan Protectors. At this point, it’s probably smart to reiterate that this was an article that appeared in a local newspaper, about actual people.

According to the story, this crisis in Northern Michigan soon became more about personal matters than vigilante justice: Bee Sting is critical of Petoskey Batman for having two girlfriends (at the same time), while Petoskey Batman has accused Bee Sting of cheating on his pregnant fiancée.

“He is an abusive, neglectful, thieving, boastful, cowardly crook,” Petoskey Batman tells the newspaper. “He belongs in jail and I will see him there.” Bee Sting fires back: “He has to tear others down to feel better about himself. He’s like Lord of the Flies with a slightly better version of dirt bags.”

Things look to be escalating further, as the article divulges that Bee Sting’s fiancée, Mandy Wilson, has been spilling his secrets: That he’s driving with a suspended license, and he’s used her social benefits card to buy food for the homeless. Based on her comments, it sounds like she’s hoping he gets out of the superhero game: “The whole superhero fascination has always eluded me. I think it’s a whole mentality where he wants to be involved with something bigger than himself.”



“He’s like Lord of the Flies with a slightly better version of dirt bags.”

It seems “Bee Sting” needs to actually READ “Lord of the Flies”.


This is silliness.

Worst. Comic. Ever.

Seriously, I find these guys fascinating and a little sad. There are probably better ways of helping your fellow man and being taken seriously at the same time.

Both should resign. Their reputations, true or not, are already tainted. If they cannot uphold values that are to be upheld or or emulated, they should not be in the business of being heroes. Heroes have to have standards and the two are not living up to them.

Somebody Mysterious

February 7, 2014 at 8:39 pm

Should I be more concerned for the lack of originality or the fact that their “real names” are listed in the article as well?

You think these guys are bad? You should have seen Captain Australia when he was active.

while vigilantism is legal in most states, as long as you divulge to the police who you really are, they are really messed up if they have to use known character names like batgirl, or batman. the point is to create you’re own character, and do a better version of the flawed marvel and DC characters. absorb what the flaws of comic heroes are, and avoid those flaws. while still doing charity work, and what is legally allowed from city to city. keep what works, create a new mantle, delete what does not work. also, you cant be a hero, if you yourself are doing the very things you are chastising others for.

I thought “superheros” don’t care about getting publicity.

Wait, Bee Sting? All the superhero names to choose from and you pick Bee Sting?

You think Bee Sting is abd> You know he’s gonna hafta change it soon: Dark Bee Sting? Nightsting?

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