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Quote of the Day | Clancy Brown on comic adaptations

cowboys and aliensCowboys & Aliens was a completely manufactured myth of a comic book. They went in and sold the idea of Cowboys & Aliens based on a one-sheet of what they thought the cover of a comic book might be, then sold it as a movie, then created as a comic book. They backed in to the comic book part of it. The book itself isn’t actually very good. It’s worse than the movie.

I did another one like that — Hellbenders was an idea that J.T. Petty had, and he wrote it as a script. One of the producers got the idea to pitch it around as a comic book. As soon as something is a graphic novel or a comic book or has another life in a another medium, people sit up and take notice and are more willing to write the check.

I don’t know why that is — well, I think it’s obvious why that is: Because the traditional properties like Superman and Batman and the Marvel characters — Spider-Man and so on — they’re all money machines. So, people are trying to create that. […] Everything is being optioned now to be turned into franchises because of the success of Walking Dead and a few that have made the transition. Mostly, people walk into a room and pitch a movie — and the first question if they don’t say it in the original pitch is, ‘Is this a graphic novel or comic?’ and of course you say, ‘Yes’.”

– actor Clancy Brown, who has a good deal of experience with comic-book adaptations, discussing Cowboys & Aliens Hollywood’s continued attraction to comics



This is why we can’t have nice things . . .

What’s his point?

Is he criticising the process or just identifying a process of one way films can be greenlit?

Just asking, because comic book adaptations have been his bread and butter for decades now. Isn’t he starring in the Man of Steel sequel too?

This seemed to be his reaction when it was brought up that he had worked on so many comic adaptions and he said that that wasn’t really the case. Then he gave those two examples. Also I have heard nothing about him being in The MOS sequel

Also he seems pretty hostile to Cowboys vs Aliens overall with his use of the word worse indicating he didn’t think to much of the movie version to begin with. Personally I liked the movie and while I haven’t read the comic I think I might enjoy reading it sometime.

@Dastardly: He’s criticizing that a lot of recent movies that claimed to have been based on comics, aren’t. Cowboys and Aliens was pitched as a comic adaptation, but the comic didn’t actually exist prior to the screenplay being written.

Cowboys vs. aliens is a great concept and COULD have been an exceptional movie. Instead we got a rather undeveloped plot, and characters with little or no arc — a mediocre movie.

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