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Quote of the Day | “‘Dark Knight Returns’ was a hurricane”


“I do admit that I am surprised that the series has such a high profile still but, make no mistake, I’m very happy to be a part of it. I can’t speak for Frank [Miller], but neither I nor anyone else in the DC office realized the impact of the books at that time. It would have been crazy to predict way back then. It’s not unheard of to have a particular project garner a lot of attention in the moment, but it is unusual for a project to cast such a long shadow, to hold up so many years later. Dark Knight Returns was a hurricane. It was a force of nature that swept everyone up in its path, and I learned a lot from that experience. I’d love to work with Frank at least once more, whether it’s for the 30th anniversary or something else, so this is my way of starting to put the offer out there. Let’s go, Frank — it would be great fun!”

– inker Klaus Janson, reflecting on the legacy of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which marks its 30th anniversary in 2016



I didn’t realize at the time how much Janson contributed to the look of the work, but DK2 sure drove that home.

I have never enjoyed it enough to have my own copy. In hindsight, it does not hold up nearly as well as Watchmen, or even the Miller/Mazzucchelli Batman: Year One

It’s way over rated.

The most important comic ever, for me. It’s by no means perfect, and the art sure takes a nose dive in issue three, never quite recovering its earlier standard, but for sheer creative drive, narrative scope and plain , simple energy, it’s still the best. I still see comics and movies that borrow heavily from DKR, it really showed the potential that comics have for going beyond the boundaries of any formula or restriction.

DKR was the first “graphic novel” I read. A friend lent it to me in 7th grade during a boring assembly. A lot of memorable moments, my favorite being Superman trying to stop the nuclear missile. It stuck with me even years later. It definitely played a part in me seriously collecting comics

It cannot be overrated. Greatest comic book of all time.

Great comic book series. That was Miller at his best.

Over-rated? Get over yourselves. The artwork alone makes it one of the best superhero comics of all time. I’d love to see Miller and Janson work together again, but I’m guessing it’ll never happen.

Certainly not MY “greatest comic book of all time”, jeff-14, but I’m glad you enjoy it. Miller’s stuff is not my cup of tea at all – Sin City, 300, this – Year One is good, but it too is somewhat overrated. Watchmen, Miracleman, All-Star Superman, Birthright, Maus, Zot, these are all far superior in my opinion. And, conversely, I quite enjoyed DK2. I thought the art was, mostly, pretty good.

I understand not liking the story, for whatever reason(s). But to go to the trouble of making a comment just to show everyone how you don’t like or think “it’s overrated”? What is wrong with your lives to be in such a need to show us just how edgy you are? And who asked for your approval in the first place? Especially in this, a post with a positive feel. Why ruin that? If you don’t like it move on to another post, like, you know, mature people do. Goodness with some people and their childish behaviours… I am tired of dreading to read the comments’ section of posts just in case there is another “expert” showering people with his “wisdom”and ruining the spirit of good will created by the post. This is just sad.

On the actual post, and past the grown-up spoilt babies, while not my favourite work of Miller on Batman, Dark Knight Returns is still a great piece of comic-book artistry. I am not sure what Miller has on his mind these days, but I certainly do hope he accepts the invitation and comes back to work with Klaus Janson once again. On this character or something else. My geeky side says this :)

I thought Dark Knight Returns was crap — never did find Batman in those pages, just some old psycho violent dude wearing a Batman-type costume.

Year One was great! Year One was awesome!

Anyone who can glibly make a statement like (TDKR) was “way over rated”, without making any observations as to why they consider TDKR as such, probably wasn’t even alive when the DC mini-series was published.

Is it the greatest comics story that ever came along? Probably not, but it was still damn good! And I was there when it all came out, so I remember what the monthlies were like before and after. Big difference.

The greatest sin (for me) of TDKR is how handles the relationship of Batman and Superman. The artwork is great, of course, but Year One is clearly my favorite.

I agree with Drithien. At some point, in trying to prove how smart you are by criticizing something with universal acclaim, you reveal you’re the idiot. Tastes vary, and some things may not be for everyone, but with achievements like TDKR, Watchman, Breaking Bad, Calvin and Hobbs, The Wire The Godfather… if you’re the one that doesn’t like it, you’re not the smartest one in the room. These works should be recognized for merit, even if you personally don’t like it.

Further. History has judged this book. All you need to do is look at Batman before 1986 and after to witness what impact it had. Books that are still talked about as relevant 30 years after their release are the very opposite of overrated. Things that are overrated reveal themselves to be so and dwindle off.

While not my favourite comic series or even my favourite work from Frank Miller, I did really enjoy this book. Considering some of the rather iconic pages and panels found here, I am glad to see Klaus Janson look back at it not with shame, but with a certain pride. A rather nice reaction from a superb creator.

Overrated = the internet’s favourite word.

I believe, even way back then, to show his displeasure with DC and Dark Knight Returns, Jake Earlwine read the entire 4 issue run at his LCS and placed it back on the shelf with no intention of ever paying for it. I’m pretty sureI purchased a copy with his sweaty fingerprints on it.

Can anyone explain why it’s not acceptable for someone to think this is an overrated comic? Other than ‘I don’t have the same opinion’? Furthermore, to express how stupid they all are for thinking so, could you do it without being condescending? I own all of them, and yes, they are horrible. Why? Frank Miller ruined the dynamic of Batman. You don’t need to make him the complete ass he is in these to make him grittier. It ‘tries’ on itself. To use the excuse that ‘it lasted this long for a reason’ isn’t proof that it’s great, it’s proof that people want it to be significant to show that they are apart of a game changer. I’m not at all saying it wasn’t and hasn’t had a game changing tone, it certainly has, but this doesn’t mandate it to being great. I’m not saying your opinions are wrong, I’m sticking up for the opinions that are different from yours. And please, I could care less about being ‘edgy’ or ‘hip’, I’m a comic book nerd… Those two words generally don’t cast me in their wakes.

It’s perfectly acceptable to think it’s overrated–but to just blunder into this thread to pronounce it overrated without giving reasons does seem a bit douchy and immature.

Different strokes for different folks, y’all. I personally like the story and recognize its impact, but writing a dissertation on those calling it “overrated” is just as lame as the people trolling the comments section. “Unless they gonna pay your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”


With DKR Frank Miller cemented his own somewhat checkered legacy with a fresh take on Batman, one that still seems edgy and visceral nearly 30 years after it was released. Despite how you feel about it this book, it changed the dynamic of the medium and elevated it to a high form of art. Sure, Miller took some pop shots at the grown-ups still wearing Batman underwear, but unlike Alan Moore (who was obsessed with having the final word on all superhero stories) there was ultimately a sense of reverence and love for Batman throughout the book. Batman is a chameleon, and this was the first time he laid bare for his flaws so publicly, which makes us love him even more.

The graphic novel genre is better for DKR having existed, and popular culture on the whole as well.

You know, at the time I was as sick of having to hear “nanananana” every time I tried to talk about Batman as the next comic reading person but DKR is one of the worst things to ever happen to this genre and to Superman and Batman. Not even so much because it exists but because the industry and the fandom took DKR and Watchmen as the holy style-guides for “serious” comics, selling out the genre’s soul in the process.

Dark is not another word for quality.

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