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Quote of the Day | ‘Oh, always press’

prodigal“Oh, always press. Just understand the difference between useless whining and actual pressing. What corporations understand is money. They don’t give a toss about blog posts or combative questioners at conventions. Clearly.

You vote and make change by the strategic application or withdrawal of money. Buy the products you want and withhold money from those companies that don’t produce said product. And say why you’ve done so in both cases.

But this isn’t politics. It’s business. At least, we’re all pretending it’s only business.”

— actor, screenwriter, novelist and comics writer Geoffrey Thorne, when asked whether consumers should give up hope that Marvel and DC will hire “a respectable amount” of writers of color


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Consumer preference and purchasing power. Yeah, if I don’t find what I like at one publisher, I’ll look for it elsewhere… but I don’t think we should give up on the notion that the old business model, the one we’re growing to ignore, feels increasingly incompatible with the future of the profession.

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