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Rivera reveals secrets behind Psylocke & Wolverine cake topper

rivera-cake topper

You may recall Paolo Rivera’s incredible Herge-inspired wedding invitations and save-the-date cards, to say nothing of the Psylocke and Wolverine cake-topper that would put some of the competitors on Food Network Challenge to shame. Now the Eisner Award-winning artist is revealing how he sculpted the characters in a video that condenses the process from about 40 hours to three minutes and 17 seconds.

“Even taking shortcuts, I barely finished in time,” Rivera writes. “I had to bake Wolverine before I finished his arm so I could make a flight (to my wedding). I carried them on the plane with me in a small box (and the TSA didn’t even stop me — guess they don’t mind adamantium).”

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This man is freakishly talented at all of the things.

man his book aint out till 2016?

Come back to Marvel Paolo!

I want this guy to sculpt life-sized statues for my front yard.

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