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Stjepan Sejic bringing ‘Death Vigil’ to Top Cow


After teasing the comic for the past three months on his DeviantART page, Witchblade and Aphrodite IX artist Stjepan Šejić has revealed his creator-owned Death Vigil will debut in July from, perhaps unsurprisingly, Top Cow Productions.

“You know I had to go with my Top Cow gang,” wrote Šejić, who’s also been busy preparing for the print release of Sunstone, the erotic comedy he created with his wife Linda Luksic-Šejić.

Although Šejić hasn’t provided an overview Death Vigil’s story, he has posted a significant portion of the first issue of the fantasy adventure, which he promises will clock in at 45 pages. They reveal a tale involving a “secret war,” a Grim Reaper named Bernadette, her pickaxe-carrying companion Sam, necromancers, zombie Vikings and Lovecraftian monsters.

Death Vigil is planned as a monthly series; Šejić said he’ll have four issues completed by the July launch.

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Sold! Met Stjepan at SDCC last year and he was so down to earth and funny! I asked him for a sketch and he was not only gracious about making it beautiful but was just a pleasure to talk to while he was drawing. Great sense of humor on Sunstone, beautiful artwork in Ravine and Aphrodite IX! I also love how loyal he is to Top Cow, which is a great company! I’ll buy anything this guy does!

Couple of requests: Don’t leave Aphroidite IX! Can’t wait for Ravine V2 and the Sunstone collected ed. Put an artbook together too!

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