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‘The Wicked & the Divine’ covers get limited-edition prints


Following their debut this afternoon at ComicsAlliance, Jamie McKelvie is offering limited-edition giclee prints of the covers for the first issue of The Wicked & the Divine, his upcoming Image Comics series with Phonogram and Young Avengers collaborator Kieron Gillen.

Announced last month at Image Expo, the comic tells the story of gods reincarnated every 90 years into bodies and roam the Earth as pop stars and artists for two brief years, followed and adored by some and hated by others. The Wicked and the Divine premieres in June.

The pair of prints is very limited; just 150 will be made. Preorders are being accepted now for £35, plus £5 shipping (about $54 U.S., plus shipping).



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McKelvie is the only person I know of in his part of the comics world that draws young people like actual young people.

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