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This collection grew from Muggles to Marvel

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If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

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2. Write up a little something about your collection.
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nice collection. espically love the dobin statue and the way the iron mask man looks like it is cracking the wall from iron man proably ticking off the hulk

What are the nicer hardcover collection series? They look really nice. And, the pics of the older hardcover books weren’t clear enough to read the titles, I’m super curious about what they are as well. Smart to keep the older ones behind glass if they worth money.
Nice collection

Nice collection. I like the Iron Man security light – planning on getting Cap’s shield when they go on sale myself.

Get those Harry Potter collectibles out of storage and displayed. Just because an era is over doesn’t mean it should be boxed up! If you visit my Man Cave you’d think the world began and ended in the Bronze Age.

Cool collection. Especially like the H. G. Wells books. Are they first editions?

AWESOME! Loved the whole room. Main things I liked was the Big Daddy and the Portal stuff. I had to show my girlfriend your awesome Harry collection and she loved it. Great job!

Very impressive!

But I’m curious…is that a Weezer poster by Daniel Clowes?

FABULOUS COLLECTION! Loved the video as it gave a 360 degree view of your room and how you’ve done it up. I’m also a huge Michonne fan and it supa nice to see your Michonne collection! Cheers!

Great collection, nice variety, and an excellent use of space. Loved seeing all the HG Wells.

Was that Sigur Ros playing in the background? Or maybe Mercury Rev?

@dave – that caught my eye, too – that has to Clowes on that Weezer poster. Awesome!

My collection started in almost the same way, wish I had a couple of those HP products you have. Overall a pretty awesome set-up

Amazing! I love your Steampunk sections the most=]

Sidenote: My gf wants to know what that white spined hardcover HP book is inbetween the American HC’s and the Euro softcovers on your bookshelf.

Hey! That’s awesomeness to the max. Great collaboration of all thing nerd, just like my man cave minus the HP stuff which is awesome. Comics, fantasy, video games and movies!!! Great room. I especially liked the Big Daddy figure (was that from the first collectors edition?), the ironman stuff, and all the portal flair is fantastic. My girlfriend loves, absolutely loves your Harry Potter collection and is now jealous. From one San Diegan nerd (that moved here from Denver Go Broncos) to another So. Cal nerdo, GREAT SHOW CHAP! GREAT SHOW INDEED! Keep on trucking, and collecting, and if you don’t truck? Well I don’t know why I said that anyway.

The Weezer poster is by Adrian Tomine.

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