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This X-Men mansion LEGO set really needs to happen


On the heels of the proposed “Assault on Wayne Manor” LEGO playset there arrives on LEGO Cuusoo another massive comics-themed project for consideration (from the same designers, no less): the X-Men’s X-Mansion.

As with their previous proposal, DarthKy and Glenbricker don’t skimp on the details, delivering elements of 1407 Graymalkin Lane that will be familiar to longtime readers of Marvel’s mutant saga. Everything from Cerebro and the Danger Room to the headmaster’s office and Storm’s attic garden are included.

But while the images depict 45 X-Men, the designers caution the final playset — should it be greenlit by LEGO and Marvel — wouldn’t feature all of them. They propose Professor X, Beast, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Gambit, Storm and Cyclops, and turn to fans to help select the rest. “Although we are very open as to the exact characters in the final roster,” they write, “it is important to us that it includes an equal (plus or minus one) number of female and male characters.”

LEGO reviews all projects that receive at least 10,000 votes. Check out the X-Men: X-Mansion page for full details about the playset.





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That’s awesome, but it’d be really expensive even without all the mini-figs. I mean, this is $500 Death Star-sized, isn’t it?

Make this happen and you have my money.

Thanks for the post Kevin!

If you want to give feedback on the X-men included make sure to vote on the campaign page:

Prof X is dead. They need to do 2 play sets. One for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning(w/ extra bamfs and Doop) and one for Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters (featuring Goldballs)

I want my money out of my pocket and this in my house now.

I think I would die with happiness if LEGO produced just the Jean Grey school students as a set. I’d love to own a Kid Gladiator or a Broo Lego figure.

That there isn’t already a Shadowcat minifig should be considered proof we are not a civilized society.

Oh God, the gold hoverchair.

this is amazing i love it

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