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BaneCat is going to have to kill you now


It’s been nearly two years since the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and we’re no closer to figuring out the reason for Tom Hardy’s bizarre and grating Bane voice (the actor has said it was based on bare-knuckle boxing champ Bartley Gorman, but that doesn’t explain why). Still, it gave Bane the most recognizable voice of any Batman villain since Burgess Meredith’s Penguin, and paved the way for … BaneCat.

Somehow, that voice is less annoying when it comes from a plump, plotting feline wearing a respirator mask and fleece-trimmed coat — one who’s apparently getting his own series.



Been a while since I laughed so hard. That is GOLD!

That cat is screwed, he’ll have to wear this mask for many future episodes.

“Grating”? “Annoying”?

Wrong, sir!

Bane’s voice is by far the best thing about any of the Nolan Batflicks. It is glorious.

It’s a cheap laugh, but I guffawed at the voice….

Very funny video. The only thing grating and annoying is the author’s little Bane voice quips.

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