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ECCC | ElfQuest gets ‘Gallery Edition,’ ‘Original Quest’ collection


At this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon, Dark Horse announced two collections featuring early ElfQuest material by Wendy and Richard Pini.

In August, fans can expect The Complete ElfQuest Volume 1: The Original Quest, a 720-page, black-and-white collection of “what is now known as The Original Quest.” It will include a gallery of concept art, pinups and covers, as well as commentary from the Pinis.

Then October brings ElfQuest: The Original Quest Gallery Edition. In what sounds like something akin to IDW’s Artists Edition series, it will collect Wendy Pini’s original artwork from the first five issues of “The Original Quest.” According to the press release, “Each page is carefully scanned from Wendy Pini’s original art to capture every stroke and detail. At 12 1/8″ by 17″, it’s as close to holding Pini’s original art as a fan can get.”

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 1: The Original Quest goes on sale Aug. 6. ElfQuest: The Original Quest Gallery Edition will arrive in comic shops Oct. 8 and bookstores Oct. 21.





Was “The Original Quest” originally in B&W? Also, will the “complete” collection be normal trade size, or digest size which Dark Horse seems to love doing? If it’s the latter, I think I’ll pass on it. I hated seeing “Nexus” printed in such a small size.

Yep, the original, self-published 20-issue run of Elfquest that’s being reprinted as “The Original Quest” was in black and white. It wasn’t until reprints that it was colored, after-the-fact.

Thanks for the answer, Greg.

So disappointed it’s a TPB. I actually sold my old DC Archive volumes to make room for it, when it was originally solicited as a hardcover.

AWESOME! Dark Horse is doing a great job bringing vintage Elfquest back onto the shelves for people not ready to dive into the current storyline The Final Quest.

My friend still has every issue of Elf Quest ever published squirreled away. His father was seriously into it when it was published in black and white and collected the entire series.

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