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El Paso Comic Con organizer trying to move past mistakes


As recent controversies surrounding the successful Denver Comic Con and the canceled River-Con illustrate, organizing a comics convention is riddled with potential pitfalls. If you need further evidence, look no further than Julian Lawler, whose El Paso Comic Con has experienced more than its fair share of difficulties.

In a preview of this weekend’s event El Paso in Comics (EPIC), KFOX TV14 runs down the criticisms made against what Lawler characterizes as “the most scrutinized comic con in the country.” There apparently have been “many” instances in which celebrities (most recently Shannon Elizabeth) claim they’ve been wrongly promoted as appearing at the convention, which the organizer attributes largely “agent breakdown communication.”

But then there’s the biggie: the 2012 convention, which the report refers to as a “disaster.” Lawler had estimated attendance at 20,000, but just 3,000 showed up, leaving the show with debts from which it’s only now emerging.

None of those problems are expected to plague this weekend’s show, which boasts Coolio, Michael Jai White, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and the guy who played Skinny Pete on Breaking Bad.


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This guy is self aggrandizing. “The most scrutinized comic con in the country”?? And over estimating his gate? He is well known out here for a reason. He’s getting a pretty disgusting rep. He’s a known liar and CON man and he has lied for years and will continue to do so. Every business and even conventions cannot avoid mistakes, poor business decisions or even some controversy but this CON man is an embarrassment and a narcissist who steals from people year after year. He’s a scumbag. We all heard him on our local radio station. They caught him on lie after lie. Do some investigating.

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